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Human Rights For Robots.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tracertong, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. tracertong

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  2. jsmoke


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    Laughable. EU meh. Merkel meh.
  3. Malevolence


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    Won't be long before the Tumblrinas start to crawl from the woodwork claiming to 'identify as an electronic person'.
  4. FoxEye


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    Truly intelligent machines are as far away as they were in the 70s, when everybody was dreaming of sentient robots ;)

    Centuries away, at the very least.

    Unless you want to lower the threshold for "intelligence" to something you might find on TOWIE.
  5. Raymond Lin

    Capo Crimine

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    It's a toaster.
  6. Mr Badger


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    But will they dream of electric sheep?
  7. paradigm


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    Do you want a toasted teacake?
  8. Malevolence


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  9. Longbow


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    Human rights aren't being given to robots. The report is about the rights of humans against robots, IE robots shouldn't hurt people, compromise data etc.
  10. robgmun


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    Location: London

    In the US feminsts are activinly trying to ban female robots for use for sex, i kid you not.
  11. randal


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    How about a bagel?
  12. G-MAN2004


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    I swear I read this article half a year ago.
  13. Glaucus

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    Itsfarfrom lunacy, its good to sort out the rules and regulations before we get to that point, not after.
    Also sensational bs heading.
  14. Destination


    Joined: May 31, 2009

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    Indeed, the suggestion is more a case of make things right , rather than grant rights, basically if Skynet shows up and wreaks the place, they want legislation in place to sue her....
  15. Clarkson

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    Man built a quantum computer...can a quantum computer build a quantum computer?? :cool:
  16. Sliver


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    No because quantum computers don't have opposable thumbs. :p
  17. DONOHUE07

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    Haha I thought the thread was a joke!
  18. stewski


    Joined: Nov 12, 2015

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    Whilst the AI winter has been long and cold, I think ignoring the impact of ever increasing (in size and connectedness) datasets is going a bit too far.

    IBM Watson's achievements on jeopardy was note worthy 2011.

    The potential passing of the "Turing" test in 2014

    Opinions are arguably pushing towards some acceleration towards key AI goals.

    Don't get me wrong. historic predictions of AI advancements were probably laughable with hindsight and the semantic web hasn't really (yet) done for knowledge representation/linked open data, what the web did for linked open documents but it is probable that the AI winter has thawed IMHO.
  19. Jamauk

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    Not a fan of the toaster, but a Series III, or 4000 series mechanoid, just to shout at passers by "excuse me sir, you're a schmeee heeee!"

    I clicked on it thinking it would be a joke, I never for one moment imagined it was serious.
  20. Caged


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    Thinking about the impact of AI and having a consensus for how any issues are tackled, what a stupid waste of time.