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What car should MikeHiow

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26 Oct 2004
Isle of Wight
Yep, MikeHiow is looking at cars.

More a case of change in circumstances than anything else, but I really fancy a change anyway.

What I love about the Clio is just how chuckable it is, it is ridiculously fun to throw around.

I hate driving 98% of the rest of the time, though - it's noisy, hard, twitchy and generally hard work compared to say something like my ST was.

I don't want to spend a lot of money making the change, so I'm going to set my target budget at around £3k, but I can move around on that for the right car.

I need a car that is more comfortable and easier to make good but lazy progress. I don't want to sacrifice having something fun with genuinely good handling though.


Accord Type-R covers more of the fun side
Mondeo ST220 covers more of the comfortable side
A3 3.2 V6 probably sits somewhere in the middle
RX8 doesn't cover as much of the comfortable side as I like, and is going to cost a lot more to run. I've wanted one so badly for years though, so does have raw appeal on it's side.

Essentially, I'm just looking for some objective thoughts on the shortlist.
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Man of Honour
17 Oct 2002
RX8. You've spent so long banging on about them as if they are the second coming, so its time to put your money where your mouth is :p
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