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Kryonaut abrasive??

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by PowerPie5000, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. LuckyBenski


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    ... They do know how many were sold though :confused:

    They've offered support to anyone affected. The bad batch is very old now. You may notice that very few people have had this issue based on the fact anyone searching online for it ends up making an account to post here. What's the issue?
  2. TG-Support


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    Will tell Marsi next week once he is back in the office :)

    Luckily we do know how many were sold. It's was batch of about 800 pcs. Taking into account that we have a high six figure amount of syringes out per year it would not be in relation to take out everything in the market. It's basically the production of one day vs everything that we do in one year.
    As I said if you experience anything like this in the thread - contact us and we will figure out a compensation for you. Communicating with you as customers and preventing this from happening again is taking responsibility.

    As for everything that is sold through Caseking or OCUK I can say that all products in their sales channels are much younger and for sure won't have these issues. Again, this was from early 2018.
  3. EsaT


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    Indeed if problem was more widespread there should be lots of posts in many forums.
  4. D1craig

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    I’m not too sure about that. Most people don’t change TIM very often and many people that frequent places like these forums will buy stuff months in advance to prepare for a build. Or they could even buy this TIM for their business and their customers won’t be checking for this problem.

    I’ve a feeling this thread will get necro’d quite often.
  5. Alan1969


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    Toothpaste is made from very fine particles - Calcium phosphate for Colgate’s and Sodium bicarbonate for Arm and hammer etc.

    The Sodium bicarbonate is harder than Calcium phosphate and so scratches your teeth more. Strangely even very fine powder is abrasive. The aluminium and zinc oxide I imagine will be abrasive but then so will all the other manufacturers. As mentioned the marks in straight lines suggests rubbing in one direction. Perhaps that’s how they got the mirror finish at the factory where the cpu was made, and perhaps the paste is just highlighting it.
  6. Alan1969


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    I will be replacing my thermal paste on my oc FX8350 purchased as a breeze bundle from OcUK in dec15 and starting to have boot issues unless I take the of off. Actually it may be the kolink PSU that’s at fault.

    Any way I will look at the base and take some photos when I clean and then apply kryonaut and post the photos for comparison.
  7. Minstadave


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    Have you read the response from Thermal Grizzly. Theyve explained how it happened.
  8. Alan1969


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    No sorry I missed that post on page 4. That explains it - it was perhaps the Zinc oxide not being ground enough. I will still get Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut as it is generally the best for thermals.
  9. freddie64

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    Got a small tube of this that i have not got around to using so still in unopened packet.

    Bought from OCUK mid 2018. Don't think i will bother now. :(
  10. fastboy

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    was this the reason some of us said the paste was really dry out of the tube?

    I had used some before and it was perfect them bought a larger tube and it was very hard to get out of the tube and spreading it was nearly impossible,it was like dry peanut butter
  11. V F


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    I have a pack that hasn't been opened and see there is no batch number.

    Perhaps I'm unaffected. I bought it on 20 August 2017. Since @TG-Support said it was early 2018.