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Multiple shootings, rape and arson attacks in "cop-free" zone

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Energize, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Blackjack Davy


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    Seriously? I've used the term to refer to them as they seem to object to "Leftie". I guess they can find anything pejorative if they want to.
  2. Newbie007


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    Lol, trump's entire 'gimmick' is us versus them (Republican v Democrat), the economy of the US and 'bringing jobs back'. There's one side that plays identify politics constantly, breaking everything thing down to sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and on and on. Just look back to the 2016 presidential race, or the recent democratic primaries, one side is purely focused on race, gender, the religious beliefs of its candidates, and now the' hot topic' is the gender and ethnicity of the VP pick for Biden.

    On a linear econimic, left-right scale, anarchists are hard left. If you want to get into a debate about social factors in politics and how that blurs the line then start a thread and knock yourself out.
  3. dowie


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    Yeah across an entire city... whereas this is just 6 (now smaller?) blocks of a city. I mean if the rate of shootings, rape, assault etc.. were occurring across every 6 blocks of Seattle what other cities would be comparable?
  4. stockhausen


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    My understanding is that Anarchists are very keen on the idea of "Small Government", an idea that tends to be popular with Far Right enthusiasts ;)
  5. mmj_uk


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    Left and right are purely political concepts, the only spectrum that matters is how much government there is and how much it interferes with the freedom of individuals.

    A limited amount of government is necessary to keep order and take away the freedom of individuals to commit wrongs (kill, steal etc.) which is why we have them, without some kind of order there is only chaos (anarchism) but at the other end of the spectrum absolute order strips away all freedom from individuals and seems to be where we're heading now.

    Anarchy = no government, individualist. Liberal. Total freedom.
    Capitalism = small government, individualist. Liberal. Lots of freedom under the rule of law.
    Communism/Socialism/Fascist = big government, collectivist. Authoritarian/Totalitarian. Lots of laws and regulations limiting individual freedom for the good of the collective.

    Communism claims its goal is stateless but it's never happened and is never likely to happen, perhaps in a theoretical world where everyone is totally selfless but in reality you end up with hundreds of millions being slaughtered in genocide and widespread poverty, presumably because selfishness is human nature and people don't want to work for no extra benefit to themselves and to enrich others given the option, they aren't given the option under collectivist systems though that's the point.
  6. Smokey Deza

    Wise Guy

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    I'm with Ahleckz to be honest. Why anyone would think it would turn out any different I don't know.
  7. NVP


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    @[FnG]magnolia it's finally happened!
  8. Dis86


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  9. Energize


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    You're with him, but agreeing with me? What? :confused:

    Yeah, only 6 blocks at most and that includes a park etc so it's not like it's crammed full of people.
  10. Somnambulist


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    C’mon chaps keep up with the Chazistani ‘summer of love’ - another dead and the person in critical condition is a 14-year-old. Even worse, there were rumours that the soy troopers ended up raining gunfire on the wrong vehicle and have murdered someone innocent, but we’ll have to wait and see.
  11. Terminal_Boy


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    Shoot To Slightly Annoy is Shoot To Kill’s unpopular 3rd cousin.
  12. Hagar


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    It's the CHAZ one pack as opposed to the Belfast six pack which I believe used to be a thing.
  13. Mushy Peas


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    The Mexicans are sending their rapists. "There are good people on both sides I assume". David Duke. How is that not the very same identity politics you are railing against you flipping nimrod? The guy posted a tweet recently of a guy screaming "white supremacy" at one of his rallies. Trump is the beacon of middle American white person identity politics.

    All of that aside, your Rep v Dem argument is the very essence of identity politics for goodness' sake. Any narrative that pits people against one another for any reason is identity politics.

    This is meaningless (and mispelled!) word soup that proves you haven't even taken the 30 seconds to Google anything I said.

    I don't want to be a butthole dude but I spent like 6 years in political scholarship and frankly I am not indentured to afford you an education on things you are determined not to understand.

    Yeah, that's why I mentioned the sovcit movement in America. They fall very much into the anarchism bracket whilst at the same time being on the lunatic fringe of the right wing. Youtube vids of them getting owned by cops are hilarious.

    Yes. Both sides do it. I was rebutting the point that only the Left do it when both sides do. We are not in disagreement, so what is your point?
  14. Angilion

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    Who probably did some of the shooting, if not all of it.

    What did anyone expect when authoritarian racists were given free rein in an area above any law other than their own? It's what they want everywhere and the results are inevitable. You will get violence, you will get murder and you will get a purge. When the scapegoat group for such an ideology is removed, they must create new scapegoats. The only possible results are a tyranny holding power by violence and intimidation or a civil war if another such group tries to seize power for themselves.
  15. Mrwong


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  16. Energize


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    One has to ask what on earth is a 14 year old even doing there?!

    Very disturbing.
  17. dowie


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    14 year old was in a car with a 16 year old... not clear whether they were a car looking for trouble and/or shot first etc.. or whether they were mistaken for such a car. Either way CHOP/Black Lives Matter "police" have killed one and wounded another African American youth, no one has been held accountable for it or charged, crime scene has been tampered with and no is cooperating with the investigation... it's like a CHOP blue wall of silence or something....

    Just very, very ironic....
  18. Somnambulist


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    I can’t find the post now, but apparently the boys (16 and 14) were joy-riding a vehicle belonging to a gay couple with a furry kink (I promise I’m not making this up) they’d stolen and for reasons now yet established, and unlikely to be properly due to witnesses not co-operating with police and tampering with the crime scene, ended up being the on the receiving end of sustained gunfire. Video footage seems to indicate the driver was injured and one of the CHAZ/CHOP ‘security’ members took it upon themselves to finish him off with a head-shot given he wasn’t dead yet.
  19. Feek


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  20. LeMson


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    It's utopia, do your research #blm