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31 Jan 2004
My thoughts/findings:

Getpro.co.uk uses 'nsX.gtx-network.net' as its nameservers; total domains are around 60. Webhosting.info has not heard of Getpro. Getpro's hosted sites seem to use gtx-networks.net as their nameservers.

Gtx-network.net is hosted on a Poundhost IP so presumably they resell, rent a dedi, or colo with them. It seems odd that there's only ~5 - 10 sites on the server and 44 - 100 on another I found (based on my experience of whois.sc's accuracy.) They have "a few" servers; I couldn't find any more info. They're moving to their own equipment in a Docklands datacentre with their own transit and have some pretty Dell servers so they must be doing something right (though these servers are probably stock for their new dedi range.)

GTX and Getpro are related - even though whois protection is enabled on gtx-network.net the registrant name (note: no company) is available for Getpro. Owner seems to be just a bit younger than me.

On getpro.co.uk they claim to host 'thousands' of sites; upon pressing the owner the actual number is "around 959".

The Ochostreview entries are there because they found the site in Google and sent the link around.

Before they were getpro they were probnc, which sold BNC accounts with 'delightful' hostnames for Quakenet (as far as I understand.)

In summary I think they do 'exist' and won't run off with your money, and I think most of the reviews are legit. I do however question the claims made on the site (re the number of sites they host as the owner wouldn't/couldn't/didn't give me more IPs to examine), and the package offerings will be reduced once they move to their new location. Which is good, because they're totally untenable (and not unlimited - see the terms page.)

So - spammy? Only if all ochostreviews have to be from OcUK users, which I think has already been decided against - so no, not spammy.

Legit? Seems so. A BNC providor branching into hosting.

This concludes my little report and I hope it's useful & impartial :)
25 Jul 2005
Adz just to let you know and sort it out, i posted a review of a site (awardspace) and for some reason the ULR somehow ended up as 'ocukhostreview.co.ukwww.awardspace...' so it wont click through. I couldn't find any contact details so stuck it here instead as I don't know how often you check the site. :) :o
11 Nov 2006
Hi people i just came across this thread and thought i would let you know about my hosting.

Ok firstly the webiste where i sell the hosting is www.shadowhosting.co.uk and although the website isn't up too much (as pointed out in another thread) the hosting itself is excellent, and i think most people would rather see an ok website with excellent hosting than an excellent website with ok hosting if you know what i mean.

It is pretty much an unlimited service including unlimited webspace, bandwidth, email etc and choice of server. I have received very good feedback about the speed of servers and price so please feel free to take a look.
6 Jun 2005
Just though I'd point out that the OCHostReview site seems to be down.

I've just been trying to find a new host and found the follow..

Index of /

Name Last modified Size Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 17-Nov-2006 02:55 -
[DIR] cgi-bin/ 08-May-2005 15:51 -
[DIR] flags2/ 17-Nov-2006 02:55 -
[DIR] images/ 17-Nov-2006 02:55 -

Apache/1.3.37 Server at www.ochostreview.co.uk Port 80
10 Feb 2007
I have had one of my users come to me saying that they have accidently made a duplicate entry as they pressed the back button. I left it for a while as I thought an administrator may delete it but I guess not. Could someone please let me know how to contact the administrator as I can not find any details on the website.

I guess its Adz that needs to be contacted but I can not send private messages at the moment which is the problem.

17 Oct 2002
Morthoseth said:
Amazing deal at dreamhost right now, use promo code 555 - $69 for 1 year of 450gb / 4.5tb bandwidth and all the usual goodies, 5 free domains too

Bargain of the century?

Cant see the deal mate, the entire page is filled with monthly only deals :confused:
14 Jan 2004
:mad: damnit!!

Why didn't i look here before buying a hosting package for my new business with 1 and 1....

To be fair, i've not had any problems yet, but then, so far i'm only using it for our emails and haven't built a website yet. The most complex it's going to get is giving customers a login to view their repair jobs (we repair barcode scanners) so hopefully won't have to phone them or get any issues.

If i'd read all the negative reviews though and seen the rave reviews Tsohost has got i'd have gone with them, AND saved money :rolleyes:

Nevermind - great idea to rate hosts this way - well done, and if i can wrestle my domain away from 1 and 1 i'll move hosts in 10 months time...
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