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Plastic makes me a sad panda

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lil old me, May 28, 2010.

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    An interesting idea although the blogs on the first post do seem to be a little too passionate for my liking. A little too 'Oh wont someone please think of the children !'.

    It would be interesting to hear peoples views on re-employing the people made jobless due to the reduction in demand for meat and plastics if this idea is taken up by the majority. How would criticism that you are taking work away from developing nations who are in a lot of cases being used as cheap labour by producing a lot of this crap be responed to.

    Whilst I agree that plastics used for wrapping your dvds, computer games or fruit multipacks are pretty wasteful, they do protect the product for minimal cost up until point of sale and beyond. What is a viable alternative or should the cost of these products be increased to make allowances for a greater volume of 'unsaleable' goods. Would people be willing to pay an extra quid for a DVD if it didn't come in plastic sealed wrapping ?. I would suspect not as most people will try and get the most for the least cost.

    The problem seems to be that plastics of this type (thin film protective type) serve a purpose and do so very cheaply. What is the alternative that is not more expensive as by human nature, it is fairly certian that the majority will not be happy to pay more for the same thing especially when they cannont directly see the benefits.

    Maybe greater effort should be spent in finding better, less resource hungry methods of meat farming and cheaper biodegradable plastics or alternatives.

    Considering the state of some of the beaches here in Singapore due to the rubbish from the big container ships I am all for getting rid of these wasteful plastics but a reasonible alternative needs to be found before, I believe, this is likely to happen.