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Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4, Xbox and PC Hopefully)

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Shawreyboy, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. TheVoice


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    I wouldn't imagine so, I don't think they're even adding the new additions like weapons to the single player side (like they did in GTA5, at least for a little while).
  2. Shawreyboy

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    Not a sausage on SP content. Already mentioned above it doesn't fit in with the story narrative as RDR2 is a prequel to RDR. They could only write a spin-off of one of the characters or write something new in the same universe but wouldn't make as much sense as it did in GTA4.

    Effectively, SP on GTA5 and RDR2 is just what the vanilla game had with no DLC path - I for one applaud this in some regard as it means you had the full game you paid for with the multiplayer bit tacked on for expansion.

  3. **Pork Pie**


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    So I've just started to get back in to this and thought I'd give online a try, but before I spend too much time on it I have some questions as these could be annoying:

    1. If another player kills me and loots my corpse do they take everything I have and all my $$$
    2. Similar, if I leave my horse parked up in town while I go for a potter around can other players steal all my goodies from my horse pouch/saddle bag thing?
    3. Putting the flag up at my camp somehow defends me from bad guys, does it just make me immune to attack and also are there other safe areas, like are saloons safe too?
    4. When you die, even if just falling off something, do you lose anything?
    5. Is there or is there likely to be a way of just doing PVE? I once tried GTA online and it was chaos with moron griefers running around killing everyone, so hoping this doesn't turn out like that.

    I'd rather know before I spend hours on it and only find out when some chump for no reason kills me.
  4. mid_gen


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    Finally finished the SP last night....well, finished chapter 6. I'll do the epilogues at some point.

    Really enjoyed the story and characters, but found the rest of the game incredibly underwhelming. Very formulaic, standing dialogue scene, riding a horse dialogue scene, shooting gallery, riding a horse shooting gallery, dialogue scene -> repeat. Gameplay is completely uninvolving, guns are all the same. All the pointless busywork you can do, hunting, crafting, cleaning, makes zero difference to any other systems in the game. It's basically a Western TV show where you can play dress up with the main protagonist. It's very good at that. It would work just as well as a Bandersnatch style choose your own adventure Netflix show tbh.

    Gets a 6.5/10 from me, because the writing, story, characters, voice acting, visuals are all top notch. Shame the game part is so weak.

    Maybe the online part feels like more of a proper open world game to explore?