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Star Wars VIII : The Last Jedi [WARNING: SPOILERS]

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by opstrat, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. ianh


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    Sadly those involved have at LF been as wide spread with their insults as those few morons online who've been genuinely racist/sexist etc and rather than calling out specific events they have generalised instead, lumping "all" complainers into the same box, whether they be genuine complaints or hateful trolls. Things like this -

    JJ Abrams - "Asked by IndieWire about pushback from “Star Wars” fans who decried Rian Johnson’s film for its focus on more female-centric stories (bolstered by the edition of franchise newbies like Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Tran), Abrams was clear: “Their problem isn’t ‘Star Wars,’ their problem is being threatened.” (link)

    I'm not "Threatened" so why am I being lumped together with a tiny handful of trolls just because I feel the female characters are badly written etc? It's that sort of "lumping everyone together as sexist/racist etc" which has led to fan anger and I've heard nothing from LF separating those genuine fans, who aren't being hateful trolls yet still have un-addressed complaints, from the morons of the web.
  2. b0rn2sk8


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    Or you can read the full quote instead of just the headline...

    He then went on to say...

    AKA he is asked directly about 'pushback' from people who criticised the film for telling stories about women. His response is directly addressing those that 'criticised' the film because it heavily featured female characters, specifically those that used the internet to direct their 'backlash' directly at the women who played those characters.

    I don't see in any way how that is calling you 'threatened' unless you are one of those people (which I don't think you are). There is a huge gulf between calling people who 'criticised' the film for having women in charge and those that thought it had plot holes, physics issues, bad dialog, jokes, didn't like how it threw away a lot of what TFA built or didn't like the way Luke was portrayed.

    It was very clear that a large amount of the 'backlash' on social media was aimed personally at Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Tran and it was clearly sexist, racist and also included physical threats. It is more than reasonable for Abrams to call these people out.
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  3. Grandmaster Fap!


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    Ive said it before, anyone who attacked or threatened the actors for 'acting' out what someone else wrote needs some special help in a safe space. I pretty much despise TLJ and i squarely blame Johnson for it, he made an absolute mess out of a franchise i grew up with and love. Am i going to hurl abuse at him in the street or social media? Jog on, i have better things to waste my time doing.
  4. checjb

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    JJA is kind of like the Stephen King of cinema, IMO. He creates a fantastic, gripping story but usually has no good idea how to end it so it kind of limps along and then fizzles out.