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Star Wars VIII : The Last Jedi [WARNING: SPOILERS]

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by opstrat, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Gerard


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    ^ His bomber vid is pretty good as well, even the name of the bombers is basically taken from the bombers in Memphis belle.

  2. CaptainRAVE

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    Oh, missed that :)
  3. uncle_rufus


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    Agree with this, I kind of think of movies like this as being a set of events I'm just spectating. It's happened and you're just finding out what happened. Sure it would have been cool if X or Y had happened instead, or made more sense or whatever, but it is what is is (much like life, things don't always work out how you expected)...

    However I totally disagree about your statement that the prequels are good apart from Phantom... if any of the three are "the bad one" it's undoubtedly Clones - way too much boring politics and the less said about the *shudder* "love scenes" the better!!!
  4. No1newts


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    Oh don't get me wrong there are issues with Clones and Sith (for me it's the "make Anakin evil by asking him 3 times" scenes) but I just thoroughly enjoyed seeing big battles and loads of lightsaber fights :p
  5. CaptainRAVE

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    The clue is in the name really, Star WARS. We have seen very little in the way of epic battles in the new trilogy - I could forgive this partly if the writing didn't suck, but here we are.

    I never thought I would view the prequels (well, 1 and 2) positively. Bring back George! At least the guy had a vision.
  6. tracertong

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    While we are all waiting for the first trailer for Star Wars 9 I stumbled across this fan made trailer for Empire Strikes Back and it is most impressive !

  7. CaptainRAVE

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    Probably the same guy who remade all prequel and original trilogy trailers in the new format. Really impressive.
  8. Richdog


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    *Reads that guff then cringes* :p:D
  9. aardvark


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    me neither - and i was right :)
  10. SPG


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    Starwars is dead to me, its all about the MCU.

    (Pains me to say that being 7 when the first movie came out in the 70s)
  11. checjb

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    Honestly, the only thing I'm excited about any more is the upcoming finale to The Clone Wars. The new trilogy is dead to me. I have zero interest in paying for a cinema ticket to watch Episode 9.
    I may watch The Mandolorian if it gets good reviews (from honest people, not Disney shills) but I'm not holding my breath. Resistance just looks terrible and, as a recent Youtube video has pointed out, the quality of the animation has really declined from TCW-> Rebels -> Resistance.
  12. Rifte


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    The only thing that excites me about Star Wars at the moment is the Galaxy's Edge addition to Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando.

    Of course I will watch episode 9.....the primary purpose being however to bring this trilogy to a conclusion.
  13. CaptainRAVE

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    Hopefully we get some satisfying closure. We can hope... :(
  14. Grandmaster Fap!


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    Doubt it after Johnson has sabotaged the entire story. Now Abrams will just invent random crap and loads of lens flairs and hope it sticks.
  15. Destination


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    Don't forget multiple highly populated planets in a system.
    Maybe he'll throw in some 'red matter'.
    A bit of time travel, and spock can save it all before a star goes supernova.

    or Han wakes up after a bad dream and uses a condom that day.
  16. rubberduck


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    Was poking round the Disney shop in Middleborough yesterday - basically zero star wars merchandise. This film killed the franchise. The older generations hated it, the younger generations don't care and have moved on to better franchises.
  17. VincentHanna


    Joined: Jul 30, 2013

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    If you say so.

    We'll find out in December if Star Wars still has legs.

    Younger people are more invested in the MCU, but that's had 20+ movies in the last 10 years. They've grown up with it, that is their own Star Wars.
  18. Rroff

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    I think a lot hangs on the next movie - atleast my sentiments and that of most people I talk to. Some of the more die-hard long time Starwars fans basically the new movies are dead to them now and won't bother watching/changing their mind unless the next one gets talked about favourably. Those more casually into it seem to be hoping TLJ was a blip.
  19. Efour


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    I consider myself a big Star wars fan.

    I've watched the other 7 films probably.... originals, about 50 times each.
    25 times each, prequels (i'm odd i really like the clone wars period)
    Force awakes 3 times, but skip bits already.
    Rogue one 3 times
    Solo- once at the cinema
    TLJ once in the cinema and half of it on a plane flight but got bored.
    I think the new films have to try too hard and they are as said, up against some of the biggest, most successful, franchises in history.
  20. IvanDobskey


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    Disney just need to scrap the current story arc and give the franchise to someone else to come up with a new story that's actually true to the original ethos. Unless that happens (unlikely) I won't be watching any more star wars films.

    I did fear the worst when I heard Disney had the rights, but they've made a bigger mess of it than I could possibly have imagined. I have only watched each one once and the only one I'd even consider watching again is rogue one.