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** Stock Cooler Removal Information **

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by rjk, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. andybird123


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    Msi is also listed, but my msi 980ti has a void sticker on one of the screws, so which I it?
  2. 40Four


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    I emailed Msi about cooler removal and they said it is fine.

    MSI UK Components Service Department <myservice.uk@msi.com>

    13 Jul (5 days ago)

    to me

    Dear James,

    You can remove the stock cooler without a problem.

    Warranty will not be voided as long as there is no physical damage to the board.

    Should the board ever need to be return for service, the original stock cooler has to be mounted on the board again.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Description: MSIā„¢

    Mainboard and VGA Customer Service
  3. NoobCannon


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    This is what really ****** me off because i asked then twice two different people and was told that it voids warrenty. No doubt to get the extra money.

    at the time i wanted i save some money and fit the blocks myself but didnt wanna loose the warrenty so bought the techlabs cards instead
  4. faheemrazzaq

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    I contacted Palit and there response was no warranty if I touch the stock cooler. Called up Zotac and they had a similar stand. It seems that in many cases it is pretty much down to individual you are dealing with. Also it depends a lot on the selling vendors in the middle. OcUK seem to have a relaxed approach but speaking to another UK based vendor; they didn't want me to remove stock cooler on any of the cards they sell or else they won't help with the warranty. Now I know where to buy. :D
  5. russell664


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    Holy thread bump! :D

    But on another note, I would like to get a thermosphere on my Galax 980, would taking the cooler off invalidate my warranty?
  6. Aurhinius

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    Rich arent ocuk just pcpartner so could be zotac, manli, inno3d ?

    Thinking of ordering a nzxt gpu cooler bundle for my zotac amp but they are publicly saying warranty void but you are saying ocuk cards no problem, ocuk cards are zotac and so you see my predicament......
  7. RichardH754

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    So is MSI ok to remove, as they have a warranty void sticker on the screws??
  8. tommybhoy


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  9. adamg64


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    Recently had a sapphire 290x die on me which I removed the stock cooler and added a closed loop cooler.

    Managed to arrange an RMA today few days before warranty expires, ive dug old cooler out attic and proceeded to fit it tonight ive noticed im actually missing a screw and rounded another in the past should I be worried?
  10. TriangleDragon


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    I can confirm that Gainward does not allow it. Infact if the sticker is damaged at all they won't even look at the card. Here is the official response I got when I complained about it on their Facebook page:


    So yeah, don't buy Gainward they really don't care about their customers!
  11. Amos91

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    Chinglish and a pretty unprofessional response right there.
  12. TheGamingBarrel


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    Can i add sparkle to the list? Their GPUs were very easy to remove :)
  13. skylinestar


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    How about Zotac? Both are from Hong Kong.
  14. ibpalle


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    I enquired Zotac support about a repair on a 680 after a mishap when removing the cooler. The answer was that I had voided warranty and they would not even consider it. I wasnt even wanting the repair done under warranty but no go was the answer from Zotac support. May not be the case now but that was the answer I got back then.
  15. D1craig

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    I bought EVGA because everyone says they are good with cooler removal and stuff. When enquiring about this in customer service section on here I was told EVGA are really serious about cooler removal... So the premium I paid was wasted?

    It doesn't matter what the manufacturer has said they can say something different when it is your product. So I am lead to beleive.
  16. TheLegendOfMart

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    What are XFX like for cooler removal recently?

    I have an RX480 and I am looking at getting an Arctic Accelero cooler but the heatsink screws have warranty void if removed on them.
  17. los

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  18. Razor Time


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    Is there an update to the list of Manufacturers who allow cooler removal without voiding the warranty for Nvidia Cards?
  19. Stamper_


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  20. Illuminist

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    Hey guys, is it worth removing my stock cooler and replacing the TIM on my vega 56 will i have a benefit, if so what paste e.t.c would you recommend?