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Strip club etiquette.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by h4rm0ny, Feb 16, 2019.



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    This ^^^^, I've been to a few strip clubs over the years for various boys night out, stag events etc. At the beginning everyone is pretty sheepish (as none of us are regulars) and you all do the "moralising" of why do the "girls do it" etc, after a few pints that all goes out the window with the "sweet smell of stripper sweat" is heavy in the air.

    To be honest it's just a bit of "adult fun", most of the girls just find it funny then men are so easily parted from their money to see a bit of naked flesh, all of the clubs I've been to were very much on a "look but don't touch basis", private dances allowed you to be a bit more "hands on".
  2. Unisol Magic


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    Been to a couple

    First was a local place. Either it was a quiet night or we arrived a bit on the early side. All the girls were absolute stunners too

    Had a private dance, but wasn’t quite private as 2 came in the booth and within a minute or so, one started doing oral on the other (maybe they were bored?)

    After this another very beautiful blonde (an architect in her other job apparently) came over to me naked and sat on my knee chatting for the rest of the evening.

    The doormen didn’t seem to care less what went off

    Quite a civilised affair actually!
  3. Maccy


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  4. tek81

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    I've been to a couple in the past, usually for friends birthdays. My advice would be to avoid wearing black jeans / trousers. They tend to show off dried cervical mucus worse than a lighter shade of pant. Oh, and get leathered before going in; the drinks cost a fortune.
  5. String


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    Bugsy Brown's in Aberdeen was class back in the day. £5 a dance, and one of the girls I observed was crawling on all fours and her nips were touching the floor. :p

    Just to clarify, when I say class, I don't mean classy. Was a great laugh at the time, but it would bore me now and the price of the drink would put me right off.
  6. Bengaboy


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    I still want to have more info about the strip club where they allow you knocking one out whilst having a private dance!

    Where is it? Asking for a mate...
  7. Malevolence


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    I used to work at right seedy dive of a pub, the landlord paid local street whores to dance on a Friday/Saturday nights. I'm just surprised I don't have PTSD from some of the things I witnessed. It was proper grim.

    In fact, just typing that out has made my want to go and scrub myself down with Swarfega and a wire brush.
  8. Feek


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    Last one I went to was far more relaxed regarding touching, in fact it was encouraged. They even give out free pens, I took a couple and gave the other one to Mrs. Feek :D

  9. BowdonUK

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    Last time I went to one was over 10 years ago. A friend wanted to go in and he was putting handing out £5 and £10 notes.

    They are very expensive places, even to order a drink the prices were really high.

    Maybe type the name of the place in to google. There are reviews of those places online.
  10. dowie


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    London ones are a bit varied re: touching. The strip clubs are generally no touching though the girl can of course grind on/rub up against you while performing a lap dance - the exception perhaps is where you're in a private room having bought a bottle etc.. and are allowed to be a bit more hands on.

    The strip pubs (pound in a pint glass places) seem to be a bit varied - one very well known one in London offers private dances that don't even really involve a lap dance - the girls can't grind up against you but rather just dance on a pole close to where you're sitting in a private room (I wonder if they've previously had issues and are now very strict). Though just down the road from that place is a different pound in a pint strip pub where it is the complete opposite environment and absolutely fine to touch during the private dances.

    The guy commenting about masturbating in the private room - ewww.. they'll likely hate you for that, they're strippers not hoes, granted there will likely be some in any club who are more than strippers but generally most wouldn't appreciate that sort of thing in a typical strip club in London, if anything you might well have the bouncers involved and be kicked out.
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  11. IronWarrior


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    Watch porn together, much cheaper and you get that "group" experience. :)
  12. lnoton


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    Never been to one in the UK.

    In the US dollar bills are useful :)

    Drinks were cheap and the redhead I had a private session with was very very intimate. I'm sure more than she was supposed to be lol.
  13. Distracted

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    She sounds like a keeper! Is she single? :p

    Ftfy ;)
  14. Ayahuasca


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    Last one I went to in Newcastle I was chucked out for “talking to one of the girls for too long”. I’d already had a dance from another girl and was waiting for a mate, the conversation was actually great as she was at uni studying in a field I was familiar with but the bouncer must have been tipped off by the manager or something...
  15. Philtor


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    Snail trail? :D
  16. Angilion

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    Well, if you're going to be guided by GD then it's obvious that the correct etiquette is to poo through the strip club's letterbox then phone them up to argue about whether or not a plane on a treadmill would take off :)

    For serious advice, I have no idea. I've no interest in throwing away all the money I have in order to see someone take their clothes off, so I don't go to strip clubs. They're as dedicated a money extraction system as casinos, but without the good food and without any chance of winning.
  17. Psycho Sonny


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    Yeah but he's talking about a strip club not a brothel
  18. Uther


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    All sounds a bit grim.
  19. NVP


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  20. Roland Butter

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    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that that's the first time the words " dried cervical mucus " have appeared in OCUK.