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Team Group Dark Pro "8 Pack Edition" 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-25600C14 3200MHz Dual Channel Kit - Black

Discussion in 'Memory' started by craptakular, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. The Old School Gamer


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    Try disabling XMP and manually specifying the main timings to 14-14-14-31, set the voltage to 1.35v and the multiplier value so it gives you 1600mhz (- or + a few mhz).

    If it will not POST or it does POST but Memtest86 testing gives you errors try giving it a bit more voltage, say v1.375 (anything upto v1.40 should be perfectly safe).
    Failing that you can either knock the frequency down a notch to say 1550mhz -or- loosen the timings off to something like 15-15-15-32 and re-test.

    But this RAM should have no problem hitting it's default OC rating and far beyond that with some tweaking.
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  2. Max3


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    I can boot but it wasn't stable. I just gave it a little more voltage 1.36 and upped vccio/sa to 1.2v. Seems stable so far on XMP.

    edit: Purchased Karhu ram tester. Just upping DRAM voltage seems key for me. 1.37v at the moment and returned vccio/sa back to default.

    edit: nah I can't get these to pass long tests at all.
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