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*** The Official Samsung Galaxy Note II Thread ***

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Robbo, 3 Aug 2012.

  1. trentlad


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    You're welcome mate. You'll love the screen size, it's phenomenal and reading web pages or watching video is an absolute treat. Oh and getting over 30 Mbps on LTE was rather incredible too. I was quite happy for a good three months but then the issues I had above just kept piling up.

    I think it hit me when I flew back to UK, I popped my UK sim into the unlocked iPhone 4 and just realised how much of a different experience it was and how much I'd missed certain apps that I just couldn't replace.

    I research things to the nth degree but if you look at the issues I pointed out it's quite hard to find comments about them and even if you go to a store or play with a friends you aren't going to pick up on those problems.

    You're doing it right though, if you're going to try out a new OS it's best not to lock yourself into a 2 year contract with it. At least you can sell yours and get over to another phone if you don't end up liking it.
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  2. miniyazz


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    Have to say I disagree with you on a lot of these things.

    1) Too big for onehanded use - nope, was using it one-handed when reading my emails today and spotted your reply :p, as long as your hands aren't tiny and you're comfortable occasionally shuffling it around in your hand to reach the notification bar you're fine.
    Note back too smooth - no comment here, I've used a case with it (without difficulty) basically since I bought it (October 2012). Which leads us onto 2

    2) No problems with a case here, can still get it in and out of pockets w/o difficulty?

    3) No problems with removing from pockets while standing? Sitting is more difficult tbh, if the pocket's smallish it can be hard to put it back in. Certainly no problems standing though..

    4) Have to disagree on portability, I use it all over, went skiing with it, etc. Horses for courses?

    5) Software side: difference between android and iOS is that you can take more responsibility for what you download and allow to access things. See an app that asks for your phone number for no reason? Don't download it.
    Alternatively the Xposed framework will allow you to disable permissions.
    Anyway I gotta dash, hope that summarises my views..
  3. Cryfreeman


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    I see an official 4.4.2 is out, just installed and the phone is running really great, phone is still holding my interest enough to stop me buying one of the new phones, trying to hold off until the 805 chipset phones are released(note 4) :)
  4. Columbo


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    Installed last night on mine, not really got an opinion as of yet but everything seems fine. It took 3.5 hours to download though from those crappy file sharing sites.

    If anyone wants it quicker I've stuck it in my Google Drive, just ask and I'll post the link.
  5. Darryl_1983

    Wise Guy

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    I've been using SlimKat stable release rom now for about 3 weeks. Doesn't have any of the samsung apps and the stylus doesn't work as it would with the samsung software, but i don't use any of that stuff anyway and prefer the slimmed down rom and standard android interface.

    Also still happy with the phone though, my 2 year contract will be up in the next month or so i believe. But nothing else interest me at the minute. Up until this phone i think i changed every 9-12 months. Only issue i have is that the silver edging as started to flake off and i bought the white version as the grey wasn't in stock anywhere at the time.
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  6. Columbo


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    I went down the whole custom rom route a while ago and while some of them were fine, I missed Samsung's email client & the camera interface which are both far superior to stock Android.

    I use the S-Pen quite a bit as well so stock is just fine for me and rooting gives me nothing I'd find useful.

    I've still not encountered any issues upto yet with this build and the battery life seems at least on a par with the previous 4.3 firmware but its still early days yet.
  7. Meatball


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    For anyone interested the first official 4.4.2 rom (Nordic) has just appeared on Sammobile for the 4G GT-N7105. My Korean GT-N7105 was previously flashed with Nordic 4.3 and I had the software update pop-up when I woke up this morning :).
  8. Amraam


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    What's the current favourite ROM? Still on standard 4.3 with Nova Launcher, but really want a standard android experience - touchwiz is horrid. Not fussed about multiwindow or advanced SPen, but would like the spen to be recognised at least :)

    Also, I see 4.4 is out but requires a flash via ODIN (http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/n7100xxufn...ficial-update-available-galaxy-note-2-1446096). Should I do this to see what 4.4 is like first, or just go straight to a 4.4 custom ROM? Something like this AOSP ROM? http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/install-android-4-4-2-kitkat-aosb-rom-galaxy-note-2-n7100-guide-1437829
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  9. brummie


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  10. Participant


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    Anyone happen to know when Vodafone are releasing 4.4 for the Note II?
  11. robgmun


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    I'm a bit surprised, if you were going to spend £320 on a note 2 i would have stretched another £80 and get a Note 3, which is a heck of a lot better, in my eyes it what the Note 2 should have been. The Note 2 is still a great phone but the Note 3 is better bang for your buck