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Things I don't like (TIDL) thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maccy, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. dowie


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    Whichever marketing ****s invented DVD and later BluRay cases... the disks are the same size as CD's you absolute ****wombles, yet they need to be packaged in some extra thick plastic case so that your collection pointlessly takes up even more shelf space. (either that or you have a box full of plastic cases in the attic/cellar and some big folder thingies in the lounge/media room)

    Even worse are a lot of the boxed sets - rather than just making a case for multiple DVDs/BluRay disks they often put the individual disks in individual DVD/BluRay cases and then, on top of that, put all those cases into a big shiny cardboard box.

    While CD cases aren't ideal and do break sometimes they at least take up much less room - you can just as easily have disks sold in small card envelopes... but for marketing purposes you need lots of plastic and or cardboard (in the case of a boxed set) so it feels like the consumer is getting something valuable or some nonsense...

    I really don't care - if I get a 5 disk boxed set I'd much rather it was in a slimmer case containing all the disks than 5 separate single cases all put into a larger box.

    It isn't good for the environment either, bunch of marketing ****s

  2. roboamigo


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    Im coeliac, a proper medical allergy and I dont expect people to accomodate this, why should they? Veggies/Vegans seem to treat it like its a life or death thing, ridiculous.
  3. Admiral Huddy


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    People who talk on the phone about their personal business in public places, particularly on the train.

    Some woman on the train last night talking quite loudly to some medical insurance company, by the time I got to my destination, I learnt her name DoB, current medical condition, her husbands name and her mobile number etc . then she had to tell all her friends about it like it's breaking news because they were obviously hanging on for this.

    What's wrong with you guys.. have some respect for yourself.
  4. Maccy


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    @dowie but they look pretty though :)
  5. Efour


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    I don't like how a multinational news agency can literally state a set of facts then change the meaning of it to push a more clickbait agenda.
  6. JOSH


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    People who get to the ticket barriers and then decide to get out their ticket/Oyster card/open the app/wallet.

    People who bring dogs onto rush hour trains.

  7. JonnyT

    Wise Guy

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    Latest one is people in public walking using their phone on speaker, holding it at an angle in front of their face; I blame The Apprentice for starting this trend, where the teams app use the phone when they're in the back of a vehicle on a task.