Tony Blair

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15 Jan 2006
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Has done more or less the same thing that any PM would've done in his position, including the potential opposition/successors during his time. He is nothing new politically, and has never shocked or outraged me.

So, he's pretty ordinary, although people love to hate a person :)
14 Nov 2002
SideWinder said:
He should resign. Now. UKIP. <3

I must admit, I heard the new UKIP leader in an interview on LBC I think it was. The guy actually talks a lot of sense and has a clear vision rather than just spouting garbage.

I will stick to voting for "Call Me Dave" though as that's the only way I can see of getting this bunch of morons out. Not enough momentum or backing for UKIP to win the next election TBH.
18 Oct 2002
I think it's a shame that the mistakes he has made have overshadowed the good he has done. However, considering the severity of those mistakes it's not supprising. He's not been helped by other members of the cabinet either (blunket etc etc) or the media.

I honestly can't see any other the other parties doing any better at the current time. I find it quite funny that many of the tactics that Cameron is using to gain popularity are exactly the same as Blair used when he first started his campaign.

12 Oct 2003
Tony Blair is a muppet.

As I never got to finish my points and strongly disagree with my thread closure, the issues on Tony etc, can be placed here. :)

It's just a shame that a differing opinion form a mod can simply close it, only really reflects badly on that individual, never mind though, the thread was trashed by childish posters enough by that point.

Zefan said:
Hang on, you said ":rolleyes: I know he didn't personally close it".

Make your mind up.

Yeah i did, which i said many times, so whats to make my mind up about? he may not have gone to a computer and closed it physically himself but the news article makes it clear he had some part in it otherwise why would he also write an email of explanation and his opinion?

It's not a news article, it's just an anonymous reader writing in.

Slashdot is a good source of news, its mainly tech based but it covers allsorts.

ok so that's the minor issue (the one that didnt happen)
so what are you complaining about, the id cards themselves?.

Yes and the wider issues brought up.

the petition WAS NOT CLOSED BY ANYONE, TONY HIMSELF, TONYS CRONEY, TONY'S BEST MATE BOB, yet that's all you've said you're complaining about.

That’s disputed, and no I made my points of complaining clear, at least to some…

if you're complaining about the actual id cards then make yourself clearer i.e. dont say you're complaining about something else.

Are you suggesting a post can't involve many issues at once and be allowed to discuss all without people getting upset over minor things and stuff they have a difference of opinion on?

Just forget it dude, this entire thread is just a dollop of *****.

Lol that actually got a chuckle, if the thread became a "dollop of *****" it would be no thanks to you!
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