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Virgin Media Upload Speed Upgrades

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by Dangerous, 30 Sep 2010.

  1. Yamahahahahaha


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    If the endpoint is a proxy which is then redirected to you, it's pretty anonymous.

    @groen, it's mindboggling how much money is spent on monitoring law abiding citizens. Every piece of traffic in the EU is stored for a minimum of 12 months (Or was it longer in the end?) as part of 'anti terror' legislation.
    The hit rate for storing all of that would be less than 0.0001% I imagine, but don't let that stop the paranoid nutters from spending billions on it ;)
  2. SinaiSound


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    5mbit upload will be much welcomed from me

    I upload quite a few user shot HD videos to youtube, which can be up to 1GB in size which takes its time at the min.

    If they do start throttling file sharing at peak times, I'm not that bothered - my downloads are scheduled between 12am - 8am anyhow
  3. jakspyder


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    what kind of traffic are steam downloads counted as? i reinstalled windows the other day so iv been downloading my 75 -.- steam games and the speed has been dropping off now and then. could be steam busy thats the problem but just wondering..
  4. Werewolf


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    Steam are just downloads, iirc they don't use a bit torrent/p2p or nntp type transfer.

    I've always found steam download speeds extremely variable*, and they've just pushed out various updates to several games that require fairly large downloads (and had a couple of good offers;)), so I'd suspect the speed dropping off is probably at steams end, or somewhere between vm and steam's servers.

    *I've had them go from sub 500k to 5MB+ at times on 50mb.
  5. RoachycaL


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    I'm starting to get really annoyed at Virgin. I've been with them for about a year now and they've been ok apart from a couple of problems - but over the past couple of weeks the internet has really slowed down. Xbox live seems almost unusable at the moment but I really cant be bothered to ring them up as their customer services are terrible from my previous experiences. :(
  6. zootfloot

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    Ok, had the Technician round on Saturday, he "seemed" to know his stuff.

    Anyways he was saying that although the 50Mb is indeed not traffic managed at the minute, it is application managed so that confirms what some others have said about downloading using p2p etc.

    I asked about the 100Mb, he said that it was being tested in various parts of the country, but to the best of his knowledge it wouldnt be anywhere close to going live for at least 18 months, and VM will probably change their minds anyways.

    I am very happy with my 50Mb package, oh its very fast and i managed to install all of my steam titles in one afternoon rather than one week.

  7. Berserker

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    It's really easy for them to use DPI to shape SSL/VPN connection. Thus:

    Identify connection as SSL or VPN (either looking at the session initiation or just the ports used). Count number of bytes sent/received. If it goes over x amount (say 1GB), assume it's P2P/Usenet and traffic shape it.

    That's roughly what PlusNet did, and that's part of what lead me to quit them (encrypted traffic between me and my hosted server regularly got 'done').

    DPI isn't rocket science. It's just taking an educated guess based on average traffic patterns. Big encrypted downloads are more likely to be P2P/Usenet than not.
    Last edited: 11 Oct 2010
  8. r3loaded


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    Regarding the quality of service from VM, I'd like to point out that we've been with them for over 8 years now, never had a single problem with them. Line's always been near full speed, latency has always been very low (typically 10-30ms). So it seems to depend on where you live. Jumping to Be isn't an option for us, they'd end up supplying us with around 5mbit :p

    Anyone know when the Baguley/Manchester area is getting the new upload speeds?
  9. Surveyor


    Joined: 5 Sep 2010

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    Seems to be upgraded in Stoke-on-Trent now.
  10. Stolly


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    The header won't contain anything about which file you are transfering.

    It'll just have frame information, protocol type, destination and other dull stuff i can't remember.
  11. OCdude


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    Wheeee looks like i've got 2Mb up now


    Fun times!
  12. Gravity


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    Getting a 50 megabit line setup on Tuesday, which postcode area are you in? I'm ST1 Hanley/Northwood.
  13. A[L]C


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    Still the same here :(

  14. Surveyor


    Joined: 5 Sep 2010

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    I'm in ST6 Tunstall/Burslem.
  15. Mr.Fantastic

    Wise Guy

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    Anyone got the upgrade in Gtr Manchester?
  16. Surveyor


    Joined: 5 Sep 2010

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    Upgrade not all it's cracked up to be.

    They've upgraded me from 1.5Mb to 5 Mb upload and then a couple of days later sent a letter warning me for "detrimental use of your broadband connection" :(

    They giveth and they taketh away :rolleyes:
  17. OCdude


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    lol you still get those on 50Mb? Wow.. you must have been really caining it :p
  18. Surveyor


    Joined: 5 Sep 2010

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    No more than I have been for several months ;)
  19. asim18


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    yay :)

    Unfortunately I can only get these speeds after 1AM. :( During the day my internet connection is nonexistent to put it in one word.

    For **** sake Virgin, don't ****ing upgrade everyone if you know your hardware cant handle it. It was fine before they did this.


    See after 2 hours the speed has gotten slightly better.


    The later it gets, the faster it gets.
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  20. antijoke


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    I've now got the 1Mb upload speed on my 10Mb connection.