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Volkswagen cheats emissions tests!

Discussion in 'Motors' started by coolsurfer, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. Jakus


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    :D suspect all but the Japanese cars will be dodgy...that's why they are not so good on fuel ;)
  2. Jacksonn

    Wise Guy

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    Let's be honest.. I'd be very very surprised if not all the car companies are doing something along the same lines.
  3. platypus


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    Quite. Said it a long time ago, VW is just the ones who got caught first.
  4. Clarkey


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    None of them can possibly be stupid enough to still be doing it now though, right...
  5. Steampunk


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    How are they going to do a recall of every car out there, replace parts, update software, keep car mechanics quiet, etc, without anyone knowing? Plus it seems likely that the various emissions authorities and car media will have been testing other makes to see if there there is rule-breaking going on there too.

    If it's been going on quietly for the last few years (like the VW scandal), it's impossible to scramble to fix the issue without giving the game away. It may be the case that getting caught hiding it could even be worse than being caught cheating in the first place.
  6. HangTime

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    Indeed, so presumably what is happening at other manufacturers is they will have been doing internal investigations to discover whether they have anything to worry about in future and start preparing their response.

    If multiple manufacturers have a case to answer, then it actually wouldn't surprise me that much if multiple firms came clean at or around the same time, so as to minimise the attention on any single firm (spreading the blame).

    The one thing that does surprise me a little is that several months on there doesn't seem to be much in the way of publicised findings from testing by the media, etc.
  7. Joe T


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    Latest is that Renault dont actually have a defeat device, but the emissions are still higher than expected.

    I still think only VW are arrogant enough to use defect devices.
  8. Freakbro


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    Wasn't it the case that in the US all the other manufacturers used Ad-blu and it was only VW that claimed their diesel engine was clean enough to not need it?

    If so, then the other manufacturers didn't need to install cheat devices
  9. Fr0dders


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    Renault "has committed to recalling a certain number of vehicles, 15,000 vehicles, to check them and adjust them correctly so that the filtration system works" in all temperatures.


    Wonder what they are adjusting in the recall ?
  10. Joe T


    Joined: Apr 1, 2003

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    Latest twist

    Stated CO2 emissions and mpg figures on 32 Audi and Seat models have been raised since December; increases as high as 10g/km

    Blog post by Jim Holder

    Now, we do see restatement of CO2 emissions figures every now and then, particularly with brand new models, and most recently with the changes to the regulations that mean manufacturers need to state a different figure for different wheel sizes (where applicable). However, these changes are usually 1-2g, not 5-10.

    As Jim Holder suggests, there may be more to this that they are saying.
  11. zoomee


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    Darn it - forgot about this 'scandal' - just bought a 2013 VW CC 177PS 2.0TDI and the VW site says its affected :(

    If I lose more than 7PS I'm gunna be well ****ed - I bought a 177PS car, not a 177PS-soon-to-be-160PS car.Suppose I did get it from the VW main dealer so if its a major downgrade the car is going back! :)
  12. Diagro


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    Just spend £200 and get it mapped to 190-200
  13. Uther


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  14. Nasher


    Joined: Nov 22, 2006

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    I didn't expect that. It's not like Mitsubishi even list their cars as having very low emissions. They must be REALLY bad O_o
  15. Orionaut


    Joined: Aug 2, 2012

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    "Bunch of Politicians who probably do not even have any science "O" levels between them who set totally unrealistic emissions targets that Manufactures have to struggle to meet" Shocker!

    Much the same as the "We will cut CO2 emissions by Y% by 20XX"

    (The fact that the two above are in total conflict with one another tells you much of what you need to know!)

  16. Diddums


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    Their Outlander Phev claims 156mpg. This is a massive SUV. If that's not a huge flag I don't know what is.
  17. Kenai


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    It also has a massive suv sized battery that probably lasts most of the pathetically short test.

    The cars mitsi have flagged up are the little kei type cars in Japan
  18. #Chri5#


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    Doesn't a claimed 156mpg for a hybrid just show how pointless the MPG figures obtain by the NEDC tests are? A hybrid can probably do all 11km of that test on battery...
  19. Diddums


    Joined: Oct 24, 2012

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    Location: London

    Exactly. My point was that it's all nonsense. The tests, the ways that manufacturers exploit loopholes, bend rules and in some cases blatantly cheat, it's all bull.
  20. SDK^


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    Update : Tyre pressure figures were falsified by Mitsubishi Motors employees to flatter mileage rates. Over-inflated tyres give better results.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2016