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What desktop speakers are you using?

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by Troezar, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Things change I've changed


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    First and foremost as I said, I knew you would disagree, but 100% that amp is not getting the best out of those speakers, otherwise that amp is the only amp anyone ever needs!, that amp is not magic, it has it's limits, if your looking at £1000 inefficient speakers then that amp is going to be a weak link in the chain, I have not met one human being that would agree that a 50w amp is getting the best out of the LS50's, they are known to scale incredibly well with higher end amps and clean power, they suck it up and they open up amazingly, more air and the bass comes through better.

    I do agree that B&W have that 'House sound' I have a few of their speakers, but that has changed quite a lot with their new generation of speakers that use the continuum drivers, interestingly that video I posted the reviewer also wasn't a fan of the B&W 685's either.

    edit -

    This what the LS50's can do with a proper amp,

    Obviously I'm not saying go out and grab a 4 grand amp but it just shows how well the LS50's scale.
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  2. kidloco


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    I have them in black gloss and they have a really great finish.

    my only issue with them was that at low to moderate levels the bass was a little wanting.

    I fixed this by getting a Rel T5i which after a bit of tweaking blends in seamlessly. It just makes them sound fuller.
  3. Tephnos


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    Well, I entirely disagree about the whole amp debacle as it is.

    Power is power. Wattage literally doesn't matter unless you use it. How much am I using at my desk before I blow my hearing? Probably a few watts at most. Why would I need hundreds of watts? It's an insane misunderstanding of what an amp does.

    What matters is how the amp can handle fluctuations in the load - this is irrespective of whatever wattage an amp is. I can definitely tell you that the NAD handles fluctuations perfectly, because the signals that draw the most power (the bass ones) play just fine. Wattage is not the final word in the quality of an amp's ability to drive speakers. Damping factor is a much better metric to look at.

    Cost doesn't mean anything in audiophilia, except to justify why someone should spend more needlessly without knowing much about how their gear actually works under the hood, IMO.

    Now in what situation would I need a more powerful amp? When I have a much bigger room and need the power to project sound further. I simply don't need that at my desk.

    In either case, you didn't comment on the fact that I had LS50w's side by side with the LS50s and still could barely tell a difference with the built in EQs turned off. You can't get more perfectly amplified than the LS50w.
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  4. Tephnos


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    Yeah, expected. Bass is always the first to go on any speaker when the volume is turned down. Some amps have a 'dynamic EQ' functionality that boosts the bass as the volume is lowered to counter that.
  5. Drizmod

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    Creative MegaWorks THX 2.1 250D that I bought around 15 years ago and are still rocking today!
  6. Somnambulist


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    Had a pair of Event Opals I've been using for a few years, wouldn't mind something less industrial-looking and with a built-in DAC and various other modern features, but for the price I got them I don't think I'll be able to get anything better for a long time.
  7. dfour

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    An old set of Logitech G51. Brilliant speakers for the price I got them for and there age.
  8. Vince

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    I'm using a pair of kef hts2001's they do the job for what I use them for. Old but decent little speakers. :)
  9. Seearbe


    Joined: Jul 31, 2019

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    I'm using some Alesis M1 Active 520 which are nearfield studio monitors. Work great at close range and you can get the sense of volume without disturbing the family, although they crank if you need them to.

    I'm now contemplating getting a cheap 2.1 system and using them to create a 4.1 setup, keeping the monitors up front and the cheap speakers as rear surrounds.
  10. SonicSW20


    Joined: Apr 1, 2019

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    An "old" Denon S81 system:


    Got it cheap (half RRP) about 10 years ago, great for the money at the time.
  11. rip-the-jacker


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    Logitech G560 RGB Speakers and sub-woofer.
  12. rhysduck


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    Just a pair of Sony Playstation Wireless headphones :(
  13. DrCheese


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    Still use my Z-5500's I bought wayyyy back in 2006! - Only have the front 3 hooked up and the sub. I toy with changing them but honestly I struggle to find anything half way decent...