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What film did you watch last night?

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Richeh, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Hades


    Joined: Oct 19, 2002

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    Location: Surrey and London

    I'm in!
  2. checjb

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Oct 18, 2002

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    Location: Royston, Herts

    Wow, the trailer for The VelociPastor is awesome...ly bad. :D That's a film that'd need many beers to enjoy. In a MST3K kind of way.
  3. Vern1961


    Joined: Mar 29, 2007

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    Location: Swindon UK

    Ad Astra - 7/10

    Last of this week's big three releases. It was okay but really a simple story padded out with a bit of background that then moved on without any real explanation or denouement. IMHO borrowed heavily from Sunshine with a bit of Event Horizon (nothing good ever comes of travelling to Neptune) and of course 2001. Loads of plot holes, for example in a world where space travel is heavily regulated by a military style organisation, where one wrong answer in a psyche test gets you thrown off a mission, how are there pirates/rebels on the Moon? We can fly from Sol (well the Moon) to Mars in less than 3 weeks, Mars to Neptune in less than 3 months but the ships look like little more than enhanced designs based on current tech - no explanation of how the crew survive the intense acceleration or deceleration. At least The Expanse tries to explain things a bit with the Epstein Drive and the crew having to lay in special couches and pumped full of drugs during high-g burns.

    Looked and sounded good on Blu-ray, though.
  4. bimbleuk

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    Joined: Sep 10, 2009

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    Location: Gloucestershire

  5. krooton


    Joined: May 9, 2004

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    Location: Leafy outskirts of London

    Jay & Silent Bob: Reboot

    Whilst I thought J&SB Strike Back was meh, I did enjoy Clerks/Mallrats/Chasing Amy, so thought I'd give this a go. Bad idea.

    A bunch of cameos raised a few smirks, but beyond that, this is an objectively bad film, even purely from a fan-service perspective.

    3/10 for some of the cameos alone. Snoochie boooooooooo
  6. wiiija

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Oct 18, 2002

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    Location: Northants

    Terminator dark fate 7/10, I actually really enjoyed it as a turn your brain off romp :)

    Ford vs ferrari next, looking forward to it.
  7. Terminal_Boy


    Joined: Apr 13, 2013

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    Location: La France

    Snowpiercer. What an utter load of bobbins.
  8. sbweightman


    Joined: May 7, 2006

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    Location: United Kingdom

    Richard Jewell (2019) - 6 / 10

    It’s a good true story of how the FBI and media got it wrong detailing the witch-hunt, their commitment to the lie, the impact on Jewell and his family and the quest to prove his innocence, but the slow pace and undemanding presentation meant none of the film really grabbed or shocked me. Good acting from a strong cast and the ending was quite moving, but the characters felt a bit too black and white.
  9. sbweightman


    Joined: May 7, 2006

    Posts: 840

    Location: United Kingdom

    Dolittle (2020) - 3 / 10

    A fantasy world filled with wonder, magic and colourful locales, but unfortunately, not a very good story and too much childish humour.

    Some of the acting is hit and miss, but most of the characters are good - Dolittle’s eccentricity is a committed performance and the animals look and perform well, each with their own unique personalities.

    The slapstick humour sometimes works, but there’s a lot of style over substance. The simple story doesn’t really flow as it should, and the anachronistic language is unsettling.
  10. bainbridge


    Joined: Dec 9, 2009

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    Location: Bristol

    Limitless. Good film.
  11. lokiss


    Joined: Sep 14, 2008

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    Location: Nottingham

    V for vendetta for the first time.

    Great piece of film making, Natalie Portman outstanding, what a film!
  12. Mr Jack


    Joined: May 19, 2004

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    Location: Kiel, Germany

    In the Heart of the Sea

    The tale of a heroic whale fighting 19th century whalers that threaten the very existence of his species. The makers took the curious choice to follow the perspective not of our hero but of the antagonists and it results in a pretty interesting film. Overly long in places and the framing device of a survivor telling the story to the writer of Moby Dick drains tension from the action.

    A watchable 7/10
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  13. ivrytwr3


    Joined: Aug 25, 2006

    Posts: 3,721

    Zombieland 2 - 4/10 and most of that was for the Bill Murray parts.

    It felt like it was trying to be hard to be funny and the doppleganger and Babylon parts were ridiculous. Shame as i really enjoyed the first one.
  14. chaparral


    Joined: Nov 27, 2005

    Posts: 20,265

    Alita :Battle Angel

    I watched this last night and I really did enjoy it
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  15. krooton


    Joined: May 9, 2004

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    Location: Leafy outskirts of London


    Eh, it wasn't bad, but it also wasn't great. Very slow start, possibly a bit over-indulgent (imo), but I did enjoy the world/lore building for Gotham as we see it in the original Keaton Batman (I always wondered how Joker acquired so many loyal goons). Ending was cool.

  16. EddScott


    Joined: Oct 18, 2002

    Posts: 8,210

    Location: Pembrokeshire

    Doctor Sleep - 4.5/10 Any less seems to harsh but any more feels a tad too generous. Bit too long. Not enough development of the baddie characters. Felt rather "Made for TV" in places.

    Would have made a better one season series.
  17. sbweightman


    Joined: May 7, 2006

    Posts: 840

    Location: United Kingdom

    The Rhythm Section (2020) - 4 / 10

    A mediocre action thriller where everything’s been seen and done before and usually better.

    It’s slow to get going, the action scenes aren’t slick, its arty but without much style and the plot and character growth arcs are both cliché.

    Still, the acting’s good and the gritty and realistic presentation and subject matter is somewhat refreshing, showing that the world of international assassination isn’t all Hollywood cracks it up to be.
  18. Fubsy


    Joined: Dec 12, 2003

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    Location: Berkshire

    Finally got around to watching Roma on Netflix last night.

    I had a pang of emotion throughout the final third (as much as I could since the events were pretty much foreshadowed on the side of a freight train), but tbh I was more connected/intrigued by the over the top cinematography and wide tracking shots than anything going on in the thread bare plot. There wasn't enough substance for me to become immersed as what the critics and cheerleaders of the film have reported.

    Technical rating of 8/10. Enjoyment rating of about 5/10.
  19. AHarvey


    Joined: Mar 6, 2008

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    Location: Stoke area


    I'm 27 minutes 14 seconds into this "film" with 52 minutes left to watch. 52 minutes that will remain unseen benadryl it's the biggest piece of student filmed ******* drivel ice every seen, and ice watched some turds over the years.

    Terrible script so far, very unnatural, awful effects, bad acting and filmed via that annoying camcorder effect like the Blair witch.

    Save 79 minutes of your life. If you still feel like watching it, punch yourself in the face because there be something wrong with you.


    Yes, that bad. I'd give sharknado 1/10
  20. Malevolence


    Joined: Oct 21, 2011

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    Midway - 2.5/10

    Not only is it poorly acted but the pacing is all over the place and the CGI is just plain rubbish. And then we get to the historical inaccuracies in the story, oh man...