What game did you play last?

24 Dec 2002
Barton upon Humber
As we have a "what [Blank] did you [Blank] last" in most forums i thought we could do with a tabletop one.

As with other threads basically what did you just play or play last night/week etc...

Basic rundown, outcome, house rules used and general feel of the game is more than welcome to make this more than just a list of titles :).

I suppose i should start as i played Space Hulk: Death Angel with my 7 year old daughter last night. We played a single player (6 Marine) version to help her understand the rules and she had got them by the time we had finished.

Best bit of it all is that we won :D which surprised me as we was down to a single marine before leaving the first room, this actually helped as one of the rooms stated we drew as many blips as remaining space marines so it made the room very simple. (Can’t remember if it was Gideon or Lorenzo but whichever it was meant that on defence we only needed a skull to survive and my daughter did all the rolls and got very lucky).

Another plus is she loved the artwork of the aliens (genestealers) and even my 3 year old joined in every now and then to have a roll.

This was only my second time playing it and after failing miserably the night before i thought it was going to end the same way.
17 Oct 2002
Panting like a fiend
Sounds like a good game, and getting the kids interested means you can buy more models "for the kids" ;)

We played 1250 points of 40k Saturday, my first game in about 6+ months and the first game with my Nid's (they're still not fully painted by I'm going to a friends house for a weekend of gaming next week).

Standard current edition rules, hold the objectives with the cards for additional mission objectives.

First game I lost 19-0
Second game was 20-6.

In some ways it sounds worse than it was as I deployed stupidly in the first game, then got really unlucky with some early rolls.
By the end of turn two I'd lost pretty much everything bar 5 Genestealers and a squad of warriors.
Those Genestealers were heroes, they finished of a Fire Prism from memory (I get confused with eldar tanks), doing two of it's hull points in CC, they then went on to kill some bikes.

They lasted until the end of turn 6, with a single warrior lasting until the end of 7,

The second game went better and whilst points wise it was a massacre in terms of units we were reasonably equal in the end.

It turned out that my list was pretty poor for fighting eldar, and I kept forgetting that my bonesword and lash meant I had I8 on the tyrant, and kept forgetting twin linked weapons :/

My adjusted list for the weekend has lost the regen from the big guys and fitted in an additional squad of warriors, whilst giving my carnifex a distance weapon, improving the tyrant's gear (miama and norn crown), so hopefully I'll do better, especially if I can remember the stats.

Side note. Even half painted (two colours, wash and base) without the highlights or additional colours the nids look good in mephiston and incubi on the board.
12 Nov 2012
Gloucestershire, UK
Death Angel is a great little game, I tend to pack it away whenever I go away for a few days as it fits in my laptop bag :) great little buy.

Me and my fiance have recently regressed to our childhood and purchased some pokemon cards, started with one of the theme decks a month ago, played the other night, then we purchased two more from amazon. Then while in London on saturday we went to forbidden planet and got another two (amazingly they are the same price everywhere! was expecting amazon to be cheaper).

Any way its been pokemon TCG last few times, currently level pegging 3-3 :D
30 Jul 2009
Kent UK
The last game I played was Dead of Winter with 4 friends while we were on holiday last week.

It was our first experience of the game so was a bit bumpy and took longer than expected but we did manage to succeed at the suggested first time scenario "We Need Samples" on normal difficulty albeit by the skin of our teeth. One more turn and frostbite casualties would have nudged morale to 0 and beyond.

All in all it was a fun experience, I enjoy the flavour the crossroad cards can add and the paranoia provided by the potential for a betrayer (we didn't have one in our game luckily).

I plan on getting a few more games in with my wife this week to get a bit more familiar with all of the rules and get gameplay to be a bit more fluid.
19 Nov 2011
I last played the Game of Thrones board game, and what fun it was! If you don't know the aim of the game is to either take 7 castles or to have the most by the end of the game.

We have a facebook chat going between us all, so we could scheme and stuff. I, as the Baratheons, managed to win by getting the Grey Joys and Lanisters attacking each other, whilst fabricating some evidence to the Starks that the Grey Joys were about to attack. The tyrells and I were dividing the lands down south between us (had 5 players, so one of the slots gets filled by an NPC) and I had promised him 3/4's of the lands if he just waited a turn so I could move troops out of the area to create a DMZ between us.

At the final moment, I managed to convince the Grey Joys to commit to a support attack on the Lanisters whilst I moved my army in as well, I moved into the DMZ thanks to my network of ships and took 3 castles in a single turn, bumping me from 4 castles to 7 and a win!

It really is a glorious game, great fun indeed.
24 Feb 2004
Well yesterday was my local board game club so in an attempt to top 100 different games played this year we went for 7 games in one session. Others in our group played another 3 games as well!

The Resistance - Spys won. I figured out who 2 of the spys were earlier on but couldn't work out the last.

The Hare and Tortoise - lots of fun with this one! Trying to move the right animal without giving away which animal you've bet on :D

Biblios - Trying to build the best collection of books for a monastery (I think) which I didn't do very well at. First time playing though so I reckon with a little more practice I could do better :)

Rory's Story Cubes - Fun little filler while we waited for others to finish another game to join us. I was clearly the best story teller :p

Loot Letter - Love Letter in Munchkin format. Plays the same but the theme is badly pasted on and doesn't work for me. For instance the guards are replaced with potted plants which can then guess what card another player has. Odd.

Thunder Alley - NASCAR the board game in all but name. A superb racing game with forged alliances and some subtle strategy that takes a few turns to pick up on but generates some great races.

BANG! The card game - fun little game even if I was unfairly outnumbered (1 sherrif (me), 2 outlaws and 1 renegade). I sadly died quite early in this game as everyone targeted me :( Still plenty of fun watching the game unfold though :)



Dungeon Roll - I play this vs my dad often 2 or 3 times a day (usually after a meal). Provides a quick laugh and a bit of fun before moving onto other things.

Love Letter - Played this 3 player at lunchtime for a bit of a change. Overall lost 3-2-2 (ran out of time)

Phew - that's a lot of gaming in 24 hours :D
5 Feb 2004
Play something most Sundays as meet up with friends for gaming. Have done a lot of One Night Ultimate Werewolf (with daybreak expansion) recently as there have been so many of us.

This week various people couldn't make it so my wife and I had a 2 player game of 7 Wonders. It's the first time we've played it with only 2 people and thought it worked very well. It becomes very tactical as you control a 3rd neutral player between you.
7 Feb 2011
Last night's entertainment was Viticulture and Camel Up: Supercup. I didn't play Viticulture well but still managed to squeak in second of six. I remain terrible at Camel Up, but it's still a good game and the expansion improves it.
8 Nov 2013
In the pub
Exploding Kittens!!!!
Not a bad filler game, very simple to play, very amusing cards. Not sure why it was so successful on Kickstarter though.

Camel Cup + expansion (module A)
9 players and lots of fun

Dead of Winter
Apart from a bad role that got me exiled, a great game of survival that gets harder as it progresses.
15 Jul 2005
Played Ticket to Ride: Europe yesterday for the first time. Took longer than the suggested time for a game but I think it was becuase no one in our group had played it before. Really enjoyed it once we got into the swing of things and definitely looking forward to playing it again.

We also played Are You a Werewolf but as we only had 7 people the games finished too quickly (in my opinion).
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