What's your personal GOAT ? (Game of all time)

7 Aug 2004
The only rule is, it must be 1 game only, that's it, it doesn't matter what state its officially in, beta, released, etc, as long as you have played it, and it was the best thing ever, and you keep coming back no matter what, feel free to write up why its flawless to you, will be interesting to read why.

I'll start:

Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forged Alliance Forever

Why I chose this game:

I chose SCFA/FAF because for me its sublime unmatched RTS perfection - once picked up, hard to master. Also I love the lore of the game, its a perfect RTS and FAF multi is maintained to this day with incredible balancing and work done for years - nothing matches it for army/base building and trying to outgun your opponent’s, also with an easy to understand, hard to master economy system its all about an endless balance and trying to keep your economy/battles/warcraft in perfect balance at all time to maximise every move. It’s kind of like modern day chess but you have to be on it at all times to win.

Add to that mods like LOUD, and that gives you a great way to play it in a totally different way, both FAF and LOUD with abit of knowledge can be played single player against the AI & you can save your game & come back to it - most days ill play it and need my FAF battle’s fix.

Game play wise its as close to perfection for a RTS that has, and ever will be. All the community wants is a literally identical game, with a modern graphics engine, the game play is nailed to perfection.

If you haven’t tried it, defo get into it - abit of a learning curve picking it up but well worth it, defo my GOAT, I’ve played it frequently over the past decade and now play it daily & it never gets boring, you just want to keep trying to improve. Great community, also check out Gyle cast on YouTube for FAF matches!

I'll only update 1 game answers only, any platform is fine but no ties, or more choices, 1 game only or I won't add it to the tally list - make it clear what your choice is (its ok to list other games but make it clear your 1 choice)

Tally list:

Witcher 3 - 16
Unreal Tournament 1999 - 10
Deus Ex - 9
World of Warcraft - 9
Team Fortress Classic - 8
Half Life 1 - 5
System Shock 2 - 5
Borderlands 2 - 4
Everquest 1 - 4
Final Fantasy VII - 4
Goldeneye - 4
GTA V - 4
Halflife 2 - 4
Quake 3 Arena - 4
Battlefield 2 - 3
Doom - 3
Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind - 3
Star Wars Galaxies - 3
Battlefield bad company 2 - 2
Counter Strike - 2
Dark age of Camelot - 2
DCS - 2
Elite - 2
GTA: Vice City - 2
Half Life Alyx - 2
Halo: Combat Evolved - 2
KSP - 2
Mafia - 2
Mass Effect 2 - 2
Metal Gear Solid - 2
Minecraft - 2
Planet Side - 2
Quake Live - 2
Shenmue - 2
Speedball 2 - 2
The last of us - 2
X-Com Enemy Unknown - 2
Age of Empires II - 1
American Truck Simulator - 1
Bioshock - 1
Bioshock Infinite - 1
Blood - 1
BMX - 1
Borderlands 3 - 1
Carrier Command -1
Call of duty 2 - 1
Chrono Trigger - 1
Civ 2 - 1
Civilization VI - 1
Command and Conquer red alert 2. Yuri revenge - 1
Crysis 3 - 1
Dark Souls - 1
Deuteros - 1
Diablo 2 - 1
Divinity 2 origins - 1
Doom - 1
Dune 2 - 1
Dungeon Keeper - 1
Dungeon Keeper 2 - 1
EVE Online - 1
EagleLander3d - 1
Elder Scrolls Online - 1
Elder scrolls - Oblivion - 1
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 1
Escape from Tarkov - 1
F22 Total Air War - 1
Factorio - 1
Fallout New Vegas - 1
Fallout 4 - 1
Farcry - 1
Farcry 3 - 1
Final Fantasy IX (9) - 1
Freelancer - 1
Freespace 2 - 1
Frontier Elite 2 - 1
Gran Turismo 3 - 1
Grand Prix Legends - 1
Halo 3 - 1
Hidden and Dangerous 2 - 1
Hollow Knight - 1
Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising - 1
LOTR battle for middle earth - 1
Lineage 2 - 1
MU Online - 1
Max Payne 2 - 1
Max Payne 3 - 1
Might and Magic VI - 1
Nethack - 1
OpenBVE - 1
Red Dead Redemption 2 - 1
Resident Evil - 1
Rimworld - 1
Silent Hill 2 - 1
Snake - 1
Sniper Elite 4 - 1
Soldier of Fortune 2 - 1
Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl - 1
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky - 1
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) - 1
Street Fighter II: Champion Edition - 1
Subspace Continuum - 1
Super Metroid - 1
Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forged Alliance Forever - 1
Quake 2 - 1
Tetris - 1
The Bard's Tale - 1
The Chaos Engine - 1
The Division 1 - 1
Tomb Raider 2 - 1
Vampire the masquerade: bloodlines - 1
Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne Expansion - 1
Wing Commander - 1
Wing Commander 3 - 1
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - 1
Zelda - 1
Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 1
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9 Dec 2006
Witcher 3
Story was good, Combat was Really fluid, World is wonderful, Side quests are eipic, Multiple ways to play, Lots to explore, Great characters,
After completing this i was physically emotionally drained, i spent over hundred hours on my first playthrough (not completing many quests) & after i just wept & cried at the ending of my time with game not sure if it was the story, the amount i grew to love it but god i was knackered. I could not complete another Single player game for over 3 years afterwards. I just kept comparing it to Witcher & nothing touched Its qaulity & exploration. ive got over 400 hours into this game now & i will be replaying once Raytracing is added
28 Dec 2003
Civilization 2
Was gifted a PC with Windows 3.1 and this on it. Spent hours, days, weeks, months on it. I haven't touched any of the others in the series though.
18 Oct 2002
Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl

I have played through it 6 times using various mods each time, and each time milking every last drop of the story and side quests. No other game has matched the level of atmosphere and environmental dread in this game. It is a masterpiece.
5 Nov 2010
Hard one to answer. Just like if you asked me my favourite film, I couldn't give you just one.

I'll have to mull on this.
2 Jan 2005
witcher 3 - it really is astounding. Only played it once and my playthrough was 170 hours - by far the longest i've ever played a story based game and not a single moment was i bored.
30 Jan 2009
Aquilonem Londinensi
I’m gonna be really boring with this one, but the game I have enjoyed most out of everything I’ve ever played is still GTA: Vice City

That's a good shout, really enjoyed VC, maybe just the music.

Pure time spent is Counter Strike Source

Most influential on me - Doom II

Most belly laughs - Micro Machines v3 on PS1, multitap

Most expensive - Crysis, because chasing hardware to run it well

I can't pick just one
23 Apr 2014
Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

A heavy dose of nostalgia due to the age I was when I played it. The scale of the multiplayer at the time felt incredible (150 players I believe on certain servers) for someone who didn't get into MMOs until later.
11 Feb 2011
The Witcher, lol. The despair is overwhelming.

How about a real game like UT99.

Civilization 2
Was gifted a PC with Windows 3.1 and this on it. Spent hours, days, weeks, months on it. I haven't touched any of the others in the series though.

You're not missing much. The series peaked at #4, #5 was okay, but #6 is just gay.
11 Jun 2015
If I think of the game that had the biggest impact on me and my gaming tastes then it has to be Unreal Tournament 1999. That was my first proper entry into online gaming way back when and I was hooked on it for years.

And literally at the exact same moment @Smokey Deza said the same game. It has to be an undeniable fact.
18 May 2010
This is a tough one due to so many games played over the years and the older games being better because of the golden era where technology in gaming evolved at a faster rate than the stale releases we see today but surprisingly I would lean toward a more recent game which is Hunt Showdown, no other game has made my heart feel like it was going to beat out of my chest like that game did and they released a game that was different to everything else in a time where that's difficult to do.

I don't have a PC anymore so don't play it but if they ever optimise it for current gen consoles I might start playing it again although I am wary of that because it will stop me playing anything else
27 Apr 2007
My all time favourite games are between the following:

Dragon Age: Origins
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
The Witcher 3
Knights of the Old Republic

I think I'd have to pick Witcher 3 out of that lot, but it in reality you could pick any of those for me and I'd be happy.
8 Jun 2005
United Kingdom
Very tough, I honestly couldn't pick 1

Best MMO - Vanilla World of Warcraft
MP - UT99
aRPG - Diablo II
Strategy - Starcraft
RPG - Final Fantasy VII
Fighting - Tekken
Indie - Terraria

I've got Witcher 3, CP2077, Skyrim and a few other games that are very highly rated that I've not played yet,
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