1. Gibbo

    Amazon Issue - Item says delivered, but not delivered and refusing to refund or re-attempt delivery.

    Hi there Wondering if anyone here has had such an issue before. Ordered a Avalla X-200 Smart Dehumidifier last Friday for £329. Item was supposedly delivered last Sunday at 21:02 and handed to resident. No such delivery happened, no attempt picked up on any of the external cameras either, so...
  2. Quartz

    Rumour: Amazon to buy EA I'm not seeing the synergy myself.
  3. mrk

    Night Sky (Amazon Original)

    Liked Outer Range? Try this one, it's even better! J K Simmons and Sissy Spacek in a unique SciFi tale without the usual scifi theatrics. Really really well acted, superb musical score even if mostly subtle but very fitting, reminds me of Interstellar during key moments...
  4. mrk

    Outer Range [Prime Video]

    Ok so this actually looks really interesting, it's out tomorrow: As if my watchlist needed...
  5. Cadder

    Smart Home Setup For Dementia/Alzheimer's

    Hi all, A family member is struggling with Alzheimer's. We have a reasonably sized family and care has been good so far, but I'm interested in making it just that bit better if possible. For example, if there is a window where she is left alone, the smart home would answer questions, turn...
  6. mrk

    THEM (Prime Video)

    Fans of Get Out and Us should be right up the street with this, about to watch episode 1, will update! I read a few non spoiler comments before adding to watchlist today and it seems it doesn't hold back!
  7. Quartz

    Could Amazon compete with Youtube?

    Currently there's no real competitor to Youtube is there? Patreon and Floatplane have the problem of being subscription-only and lack of name recognition. And Floatplane is minuscule in comparison with Youtube anyway. So who can compete? I think only the major cloud suppliers could compete and...
  8. siezar

    8 miles of 12500 year old rock paintings found in the amazon They were discovered last year but kept a secret to film a documentary on the discovery for channel 4, called Jungle Mystery: Lost Kingdoms of the Amazon. Apparently it's a really had location to travel to and the zone is under...
  9. axtract

    Amazon: To return or not to return?

    Hi everyone So I've been in the market for a new gaming laptop, and I've run aground somewhat. I'm hoping that the ever-wise users of Overclockers can give me some advice on what to do. I bought a Razer Blade 2018 model through Amazon Warehouse for £1,000, which I understand is their way of...
  10. Derek W

    Convince me - Why should i go smart?

    Hi all, I'm about to do some redecorating / home upgrades (boiler is 30+ yrs old) and smoke detection system needing to be upgraded by Feb 2021. Should i be using this upgrade time to make my house smart? Maybe not for myself but for any future owner? Smart Meter - first touted as a way to...
  11. Nitefly

    Amazon Prime - Counterfeits?

    Alternative title: “will I die if I buy these hair clippers?” I have crap genes and no hair. I want to buy my own clippers. These clippers look great (comes with 10 premium blades too, nice, not that I need them all): But you can’t seem to buy...
  12. hyperseven

    Amazon, 20% off stuff in Amazon Warehouse

    went live at midnight. discount applied at checkout.
  13. TheMightyTen

    Amazon Fire TV Cube announced

    Well the Fire TV Cube has finally been announced and is available for order in the States (no eta yet for the UK) and as I expected, in terms of hardware it is massively disappointing, it's basically a gen3 Fire TV with a microphone and speaker, there's not even a fast Ethernet port let alone a...
  14. EGuitarStar

    Amazon & eBay to expose potential VAT evaders for HMRC

    Long overdue but finally a step in the right direction. However, I feel it will cost HMRC more to actually go after those failing to pay tax than they will recover. Anyone here that'll be affected by this move? :D
  15. M1k3H

    Amazon Refund Issue

    I placed an order with Amazon last month for which the item was faulty. I returned the item and requested to exchange with the same. The second item was also faulty so I returned and requested a refund. Throughout the refund stages it said it would refund using the original method of payment...
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