first build gaming desktop

  1. dmr91

    New Tower

    Hello, Im looking at getting a desktop setup as im currently gaming of a laptop, i now have space for a desktop. I mainly play WoW, RDR2 and a few others. My budget is £1200 (give of take) for the machine I have a monitor which is a MSI G27C4 but id like a 2nd if its not too much on top of...
  2. Banjonez

    N00B trying to install Windows

    Evening all, I just built my first desktop PC. Gigabyte B550 Gaming x V2 (F2 BIOS), Ryzen 5 5600x 16gb Corsair vengence LPX RAM and a cheap and cheerful GPU for the time being to tide me over. Ther issue I'm having is that I can't seem to get Windows 10 Installed. I have a bootable USB, but...
  3. Josh1111

    Getting into PC Gaming

    Hi Guys! I’m looking into getting a PC for playing some steam games on high graphics. ETS2, City Car Driving etc. I’ve got a budget of roughly £600, could I have some advice as to what I should get. Pre-Built or Build one myself? If so which ones. Thanks
  4. Jack Tomlinson

    New To Gaming (Total War & FM)

    Hi, I'm new to gaming pcs and need some advice on suitable set-ups. I enjoy playing Total War games as well as Football Manager but haven't had graphics powerful enough to play these properly on my laptop before. I would say being able to play these games is the minimum necessary for me but I...
  5. Clogs48

    Boot issues fans throttle, blank screen. (help needed)

    Component list: Intel Core i5 9600k (CPU) Gigabyte B360 HD3 (MOBO) Gigabyte GTX 1660 super (GPU) 500W power supply Issue: When I first turned it on it loaded into bios, however it did not boot into windows. I then noticed the CPU power cable not in, I plugged it in then tried to turn it back...
  6. Bigchillin


    First of all just like to say thank you for taking some time to help if possible been out the pc building game along time just looking for some information about the rig I'm in middle of building I have some usual parts wondering if it will all go together list of all my parts down below thabks...
  7. LJMtheDestroyer

    Need advice on my first gaming pc build

    Budget: £1500 Country: UK Location: On top of desk (43cm deep) Use: Gaming Peripherals: Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Speakers (Lighting?) OP System: Windows 10 Form Factor: ATX I already have the monitor, keyboard and speakers. I assume a mid tower case would be best and I have chosen a CPU and...
  8. Iad Alazzhr

    First build for DCS and VR

    Hi guys , this will be my first build and I've not owned a desktop in over a decade! Laptop yes but even that's about ten years old now haha So, I mainly want to get a desktop for DCS (digital combat simulator) and will look to buy an oculus rift s if I can find one... I had a quote from an...
  9. joe131100

    Please help me by checking my first PC build specs!

    Hi, guys, I've been planning my first build for a while and am at the point of nearly ordering my parts. I'm new to the pc building world so it would just ease my mind if I had some comments on my choice of parts from more experienced people than myself! The build is focused on getting good...
  10. Matei

    Future PC!

    Hello. In April I will build my first gaming PC. My only problem is that I don't really know if I chose the right components. Your help will be apreciated :). CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x GPU: Rtx 2060 super Motherboard: Msi b450 tomahawk max RAM: HyperX Fury RGB 16GB DDR4 300MHz CL15 PSU: Corsair RMx...
  11. Tjork

    First build, advice needed.

    I'm going to buy my first gaming pc in about a month and I already made a part list but I'm not sure if I chose some wrong part or if some part won't work well together. part list: Ryzen 2700x Gigabyte RTX 2070 8G X570 AORUS ELITE corsair DDR4 2x 8GB 3000 Samsung 860 QVO 1TB SSD corsair...
  12. Johnathan89

    Gaming pc for a 1000£

    Can anyone reccomdnd a decent setup ,preferably prebuilt.that will be upgradable if needed. Ive been looking a a hp omen..are they a good starting point
  13. noclue

    First Time build advice

    hi everyone, So ..... decided I will try to build an entry level gaming pc. My i5 laptop just doesn't cut it anymore!! I don't want much - I don't do the headset stuff or co-op multiplayer, etc, etc. But I do like to play things like Elite or Resident Evil and it seems these days even the most...
  14. Unknown_User_47

    Opinions/Suggestions on my First £1,000 PC Build

    Hi everyone, i'm currently building an all rounder (Gaming/Workstation) PC and this is what i came up with the research i've done into finding the best mid-tier all rounder PC build. *Quick question shall I wait to get the EVGA G2 650w Full Modular once it comes back in stock or go with the...
  15. JacobK

    Gaming PC to run Total War Warhammer

    Hello everyone! I am looking at buying a gaming PC that will be good enough to run Total War Warhammer 1 and 2. I am sort of stuck between getting a prebuilt one or buying the parts and building it myself with the help of a more experienced friend. Some of the builds on Overclockers look like...
  16. Bobby Carlos

    1st ever gaming!!!!

    Hi, Basically I’m looking to buy my first gaming pc, I currently use my laptop however I’m looking to upgrade to enable me to start playing on the pc. I play sim/strategy games (cities skylines, total war, football manager) I’m looking to expand on this to FPS, RPG and GTA V and the like. In...
  17. Jordy ortiz

    New to PC Gaming

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of getting a gaming PC but in stuck for how to get a good PC with my £600 budget, I've tried PC part picker but it always goes over and I need some good advice. Can you guys help me? Thank you.
  18. Doug grigg

    New build..first PC

    I'm looking at getting a new pc.. I already ordered one which should hopefully be getting changed tomorrow morning.. but here are the specs of the one I'd like to order.. any comments before I place the order around 10am tomorrow will be greatly appreciated.. i just want to create a monster...
  19. Tjiter

    First PC build budget 500

    Hi there I'm trying to put together a pc with a budget of about £500, I am a student with not a lot of money and I'm not looking for high specs just looking for a system that can play current games such as total war warhammer with a good frame rate. Already have a mouse and keyboard and speakers...
  20. Vogelbekdier

    First time build advice required!

    First post, and first time ever building a Gaming Computer so posting on here looking for some advice from more experienced builders! Context: Currently own a 2015 MacBook Pro, but unfortunately it's a struggle to game on as the storage and capabilities are very limited. Been looking around for...
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