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  1. gregorp99

    Pc won’t start

    Pc just got delivered today I plugged it in switched on the psu but the pc won’t start at all
  2. chris blackford

    pc Frame drops and other issues

    hey all i'm having frame drops on games and on cinabench over heating but not over heating in games i'm also having frame time spikes https://imgur.com/a/kZ3Vdbl screen shot of hwinfo nere end of cinabench run https://imgur.com/a/GzahV1y https://imgur.com/a/k99wOqX 3dmark...
  3. Ugniusk

    Higher Spec PC for Design & Gaming - Moving from Apple

    Hello everyone! Firstly I'd like to start off by saying that I am a complete amateur when it comes to PCs and the last one I had was around 20 years ago, so every bit of detail and information provided to me will be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. So here's the gig, I'm a Head of...
  4. chris blackford

    just sold my Old PC Case need advise on packing it?

    just sold my Old PC Case need advise on packing it? it's a COSMOS C700M Full Tower PC Case - Cooler Master should i put any bobble rap doen sides or do any thing or will it be ok in box with original packaging it's just the case no parts in it
  5. Steven T

    Low clinking noise from Pc.

    Hey everyone :) I've noticed that my pc starts making a clinking noise every so often, it's not loud and would happen for every second for around 10-20seconds. It's not the fans, I've checked those so I'm not entirely sure what could be causing it (I'm a big noob when it comes to pcs). I've...
  6. chris blackford

    pc unstable with no overclock

    hi i just noiced in HWINFO in the windows error bit it said i have errors under cpu and another one with cpu in it so did intel extreme tuning utility benchmark and it pop up with another error so did it again and the pc blue screen and come up with the message saying overclock unstable and had...
  7. Ben May

    Is this a good PC for a £1000 budget?

    Hi, I am not really experienced with PC building so I was wondering if this is a good build or not for £1000. This PC will be used for gaming and my monitor is MSI Optix g24 Series (144hz, 1080p, 1ms, AMD freesync, Curved) Could you also tell me if this is a good build that allows for possible...
  8. jasonki

    Need help with PC build pls

    Here is my build: https://uk.************.com/list/KJbtRv I'm new to building PCs and would like my PC to be able to run games at ultra / high graphics at high FPS while keeping GPU / CPU temps decently cool. Please let me know if the build is Good! What you would change to make it cheaper or...
  9. LabraBell

    I might have a broken motherboard. Before I bite the bullet and replace it, I wanted to get a second opinion.

    Edit: For now I have bought an onboard speaker, which should arrive within 2 days. Hopefully there will be some kind of error code so that I can get to the bottom of the issue. Any advice still very much appreciated Hi. So as the title says, I believe my motherboard may be broken. I really...
  10. LabraBell

    New builder - looking for alternative PC case after intended one has gone out of stock

    E: It's done. All parts have been bought and I am now waiting for them to be delivered. In the end I chose the MSI mag forge 100M. Heya. A couple months ago I asked for help with an IGPU computer build, and with the assistance of several commenters, was able to build a list as seen below. I now...
  11. sherlockmo

    Advice on 1st Gaming Pc

    Hi Everyone hope you guys are well, i was just checking some gaming PCs here at OC and just wanted some advice. I am looking at this PC, and just wanted some help on the build. Case Kolink Phalanx V2 ARGB Gaming Case - Black Power Supply 600W 80Plus Bronze Rated PSU CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Six...
  12. David Richards

    Newbie VHS to PC Question

    Hi Guys I am looking to transfer some old VHS tapes to digital, I have a limited budget to purchase the relevant kit and wonder if someone might recommended from Amazon the best and more importantly, easiest kit to use? I am reasonably tech savy, but not with the kit needed for this! My VHS has...
  13. RC1917

    Need to find Compatible Motherboard

    Hi all, New to all this and the forum has already helped so much. Trying to make a few upgrades, my current pc parts are: CPU = Interl Core i5-2500 GPU = Nvidia GTX 1660 HDD = WD5003ABYZ 500GB RAM = 24GB Corasair Motherboard = Supermicro C7P67 Power Supply = Corsair CX430 I currently have an...
  14. LabraBell

    Looking to build a digital art PC on a £5-600 budget

    Hey there. Let me preface this by saying I'm brand new to this website (And to PC building as a whole), so if I've posted this in the wrong place please let me know. I'm hoping to get some guidance on what parts I should use for a PC build, please. I've been banging my head up a brick wall for...
  15. Envy78

    Is 450W enough for my build?

    My full system- Ryzen 7 5800x 2x8gb corsair RGB 3600mghz CL16 memory RX580(waiting for gpu prices to go down to get a new one) Asus B550-F WiFi Cooler master ML240 AIO 6x RGB fans 2x Non RGB fans Lian Li Lancool 2 mesh RGB corsair fan controller 500GB 2.5' Samsung SSD BeQuiet 450W PSU - is...
  16. Luke Armes

    Whine noise

    The Noise! This is the noise I'm hearing ignore the fans it's the whining noise behind the fan noise. This is much louder then the actual noise. For some background I just installed a WiFi card and when playing a game I could hear this noise or something similar, I went to investigate and...
  17. juliand123

    Advice needed for new gaming pc

    I'm not new to gaming at all and i'm not new with pcs. I just have never bought a completely custom pc, but i'm looking for a gaming pc for £980 max. I need to be able to play games frequently, especially online games as im a online gamer, needs to run battlefield 2042 without the mcuh lag. Im...
  18. Luke290799

    Best 850€ laptop of these 2?

    Hi! Can you help me to choose which of the 2 Acer's laptops is better? I need a laptop only for youtube, programming in visual studio or matlab and sometimes/rarely play Warzone or Battlefield. Acer 1: AMD Ryzen™ 5 5500U Hexa-core 2,10 GHz Full HD (1920 x 1080) 16:9 IPS RAM: 8 GB, LPDDR4X GTX...
  19. serious_adam15

    Radiator cleaning

    Hey all, Need help. Got myself some 360mm radiators for my build that I was planning to paint white, but I can’t get them past the cleaning stage. They’re about 8 - 9 months old, been sitting dry for about 2 months. I’ve tried using deionised water (about 10 litres so far), tried using vinegar...
  20. martyn83

    PC No Signal

    Good afternoon, Coming on a year ago I purchased a PC from Overclockers solely for Microsoft Flight Simulator and it had proved the perfect choice. However for the last two months I have been working away from home so it has sat in a switched off state. I am finally home and have gone to use it...
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