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  1. TheNoobYouLove

    Compatible upgrade?

    Hi guys, new to upgrading my rig and was just wondering if any power supply would fit into my case aswell as a 4070ti super. My case is the game max falcon gaming case and my motherboard is the asus rog strix z370-e. Thanks.
  2. sahuonealew1

    PSU putting low voltages out on 3.3v rail

    Recently, I have noticed that my computer's power supply has been putting out concerningly low voltages on my +3.3v rail. Voltages can range from as low as 2.5v to as high as 3.10v, but nothing higher. I have a Thermaltake Purepower 480W (link). All readings were taken just after bootup, with a...
  3. Graptik

    PC Shuts Down Randomly and Restarts

    So I built my system about 6 months ago and since then, it has been randomly shutting down and restarting about once a week. When I say shut down, think of if you just pulled the plug out of the wall - completely black screen and then reboot. This happens only at idle or when browsing the...
  4. Sherwin Riel Velasco

    My 3080 Ti Runs on 750w PSU, Do you think I'm safe with it?

    Recently changed my GPU and I couldn't believed it's working fine with my Corsair RMX series 750w PSU. But I tried to changed my PSU to Corsair Rm 850w but it's not stable the pc is shutting down when opening game so I RMA'd and returned that 850w PSU. I'm running an undervolt 5800x with AIO...
  5. JWilde

    Advice on PSU when updating MoBo and CPU

    Hi, I am currently planning on updating my CPU and motherboard, but I am not sure if the PSU I currently have is compatible. I am looking to upgrade to an Intel I7-10700K and an Asus Prime Z590-P motherboard, and my current PSU is Thermaltake Smart SE 530W 80+ Bronze Efficiency. Some websites I...
  6. BurtKrussel

    Corsair RM1000X custom cable recommendations

    Hello guys, Recently bought a new fully modular power (Corsair RM1000X) and I am looking to get some custom cables for my build. I've heard of Cablemod but I am open to other manufacturers, hopefully with glowing recommendations considering these are involved with power distribution. Ideally...

    PC Turning Itself On and Off

    Hey Guys and Gals I own a https://www.overclockers.co.uk/titan-pulse-windows-8-edition-fs-294-oe.html Nearly 9 years old now and it's served me very, very well. However, the day before yesterday I woke up and found it had turned itself on at some point in the night. Then over the course of the...
  8. GH2007

    First build and no power

    Hi, I’m attempting my first build and I think I’ve done everything right but there is nothing coming from my Corsair power supply. Any ideas?
  9. Sir Stallion

    NZXT C750

    Hi al, I just received the NZXT C750 PSU that comes with 2x 4+4 pin for CPU power cables but I have just realised that my Motherboard X570 Tomahawk comes with a cpu 8+4 pin connector. I have read many discussions on the web some say only the 8pin is required and some people saying they are...
  10. Nathan9505

    Advice With Kolink PSU

    Okay so im buying a custom PC from Overclockers Uk. (before anyone says build myself, dont fancy it with screaming kids running around xD) The PSU they use in a lot of them and that theyve selected for mine is a Kolink Classic Power 600W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply. Never heard of them before...
  11. ConnorBCFC

    PC Stuck in Boot Loop

    Hi, Bit of a weird problem here. My brother's had his PC for two years now. Since about six months into owning the PC, he's had problems with the boot sequence. It's usually fine, but every so often, it'll get caught in a boot loop where the fans spin, but there's no MoBo lighting or no...
  12. bigdan676

    Help with VGA power cable

    Hi all, After nearly completing my new build, i have come to a halt. I am attaching the power cables to the graphics, Am I right in saying that I can just use one PSU cable for the graphics card? Just connect both connector 1 and 2 to the card? Thank you. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ivUFUGwpBsLvozkb7
  13. marlies

    Super Flower modular PSU DC socket

    I need to find 7 of these sockets (not the plug/DC cable side connector): Anyone know where to find them, or even better, the name of the connector?
  14. Antonio Lambranca

    Seasonic psu running hotter than expected

    Hi. I'm the happy owner of a Seasonic PSU like the one below bought about a week ago. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/seasonic-core-gold-gc-500-500w-80-gold-power-supply-ca-071-ss.html However, I have noticed that the back and the top of the case (I still have an old pc case) are very warm. I...
  15. LewisN2


    ok guys so i need your opinion on something i bought a EK D5 pump second hand and the person who i bought it off re crimped the cable so it goes directly into the peripherals port on the PSU instead of via molex (pictured below) https://imgur.com/7bAZrnd https://imgur.com/4gIejFV i have an...
  16. MattyS

    Corsair HXI750W won’t power system with 2 cables to GPU

    Hi all need some advice, so I have HXI750 and a ASUS RTX 2080 Ti. When I plug 2 separate PCIe from PSU to the graphics the system won’t turn on. But when I use a single PCEi that splits into 2 x 8pin for GPU the system boots fine. ASUS recomends a 650 W is needed for this card so any ideas ?
  17. Avalez

    I have been using a 4+4-pin CPU +12V (EPS)

    I have been using a 4+4-pin CPU +12V (EPS). I have just bought a new PSU with 4+4-pin ATX 12V, will it still be compatible?
  18. Tom Parton


    Arriving in the New Year, the new ARGB Superflower Leadex III PSU Range! For those of you who want to RGB literally everything. Available in 550W, 650W, 750W and 850W variants. Fully Modular, 80 Plus Gold Rated and with a 7 Year Manufacturers Warranty, these PSU's are the Leadex III's...
  19. cxt79

    Is my PSU enough to handle RTX2070S

    Hi, I am looking at buying a KFA2 GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER EX 1CLICK-OC 8192MB GDDR6 PCI-Express Graphics Card, I am upgrading the GPU on this build: Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-ALPHA Mid-Tower Gaming Case Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-19200C14 2400MHz Dual Channel Kit OcUK GeForce...
  20. Tyler.

    Modular power supply

    Hi I wonder if you guys could help me. I am building my first pc and I have a modular power supply on the power supply there are 5 8pin connectors on the power Supply all labelled 6+2 PCIE & 4+4 CPU. dose that mean i can put the 8 pin connector for my motherboard in any of them? My power supply...
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