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  1. Fiona78

    I Think my water cooler on PC is faulty

    I've had a Medion Erazer Desktop Gaming PC MD8424 for about 5 years. Spec: Intel Core i7 3930K, Windows 7, 16gb ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX 680, Cougar psu 750w (installed a new psu as the one medion installed was only 600w) ssd hd and seagate 2tb hdd. Last night the CPU was running at 65c and the...
  2. harvey.l12

    Budget for Water Cooling Project

    Just wondering what sort of budget I am looking at for a full water cooler project (CPU and GPU). And does anyone have any good sources which I can research into as this is something I’ve not done yet. Would be wanting I7 proecessor and half decent GPU. What are some good brands to get water...
  3. jasontripp903

    First time building gaming desk mod!

    Hey everyone, just wanted to show my design for my desk i am currently working on. This design is juts a ruff draft and it might change in the future. Hope you guys enjoy and ill be trying to update weekly! I have some of it built (just part of the frame) and ill post pictures further i get...
  4. FL630


    My annual "I'm bored of my system" moment has recently happened and therefore I have decided to refresh my system. Contrary to many people these days, I've decided to upscale from ITX to ATX. This is because I feel the current crop of ITX cases have too many compromises for the system I want...
  5. Tom00deluxe

    Have I fried a GTX1080ti?!

    Hopefully someone can help a very desperate man out here. I have this setup that I built myself, i7 5930K, 32ddr4, 2x sdd, GTX1080ti Seahawk, MSI x99a mobo, antec 850 psu (which is 9yrs old). I fitted my new 1080ti as a replacement for my old 970 and instantly noted a much longer system...
  6. Benoit Doussin

    New Custom Gaming PC (Ultra High Spec)

    Hi I am thinking of getting a custom high spec gaming pc and fully watercooled and i am not sure if i am better buying the new i9 7900x or sticking with the i7-7700k with maybe 1 GTX 1080ti or should i go sli on the watercooled GPU what is the best combination for a ultimate gaming pc.
  7. RealScubaSteve

    New PC build **HELP NEEDED**

    Frankly, I don't know if I'm in the right section so apologies if I'm not. How do I contact the builders at Overclockers UK? Or can someone verify if this is possible. I'm looking for a fully customised liquid-cooled gaming PC. They have some really nice PCs that you can customise but not to...
  8. Leubi

    Water cooling advice

    Hey guys Im wondering if anyone can help me ? I want to make a new water cooled PC although i dont have much experience with watercooling. Ill keep updating the current component list on this opening post, all suggestions are welcome ! :) *Current suggestion* 22/07/17 My basket at Overclockers...
  9. niro750

    IX formula + 8pack 5ghz 7700k overclocking

    Hey guys. Just finished my new computer https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/thermaltake-p5-build.18773436/ EK blocks and fluid temps of 29 degrees c under load with fans at half power. Idle cpu temps are low 30s. I followed der8auers guide on YouTube to get the oc started. I seem to...
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