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  1. Iwf

    How can I tell if my PSU is insufficent

    I've 7800x3d, 4090 watercooled solution with a 750 watt power supply. Other than work I mainly use for MS Flight Sim. Recent testing using 3dmark bench marking and stability tests suggest it's both stable, producing 'excellent' scores with CPU and GPU temps sub 60c. MSI after burner is used...
  2. dfour

    compression fittings on soft tubing

    After many years of not wanting to spend the money upgrading to compression fittings I bit the bullet earlier this year and changed all my fittings to xspc ones. https://www.xs-pc.com/soft-tubing-fittings/g14-to-38-id-12-od-compression-fitting-black-chrome Now I want to add my gpu into the...
  3. chris blackford

    q about QUICK DISCONNECT fittings

    hi all im thinking about getting a set of QUICK DISCONNECT fittings for my cpu and gpu and was wondering do i need a male and female fitting for ech port and is there anything else i need to order for them il looking at Koolance QD3 Female Quick Disconnect No-Spill Coupling, Compression for...
  4. Martin patching

    I know I didnt pick well

    Any suggestions as to where i went wrong. This is what i bought and i just recieved 6x120mm coolermaster rgb fans daisy chained 3 per fan header auxiliary rgb headers. Not a complete newbie but its been at least 10 years since my last build. Windows 10 home Corsair RM650, RM Series, 80 Plus...
  5. Xerocade

    ASUS 3000 Series with EK Waterblocks

    Has anyone seen these yet? 3070: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Graphics-Cards/ASUS/RTX3070-8G-EK 3080: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Graphics-Cards/ASUS/RTX3080-10G-EK 3090: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Graphics-Cards/ASUS/RTX3090-24G-EK It's a...
  6. Mofty92

    Advice Needed for First Time PC Builder

    Hi Everyone, I am about to start putting together my PC now that I have all my components and was looking for some advice on where would be best to mount my water cooler. I have bought a Lian-Li Lancool II Mesh Performance which comes with two front-mounted fans and a third at the top of the...
  7. Michael Elliott

    Water Cooled system not turned on in 12 months

    Hi, I've just moved to Australia and I left my machine in the UK for 10 months. I've just got it delivered to me but the machine hasn't been turned on for 12 months. I've been told that there shouldn't be any issues but I'm curious to get some second opinions. Does anyone anticipate that I'll...
  8. creyD

    Cursed Watercooling PC - Troubleshooting

    So after this and this post we went ahead and redid the whole loop with 90° fittings and improved layout and new tubes. The PC looks visually good as seen in the picture here. So we thought maybe our problems are solved now, a new and improved layout, a new mainboard, PSU, rad later this could...
  9. JayGee

    JayGee's Lian Li PC-V3000WX Dual Loop Build

    This build is now a wrap - a few final pictures start here -> https://www.overclockers.co.uk/forums/posts/34380435/ Thanks for joining me on the ride. JayGee -------------------------------------- ++++++ Original log starts here +++++ -------------------------------------- The excitement...
  10. creyD

    Custom Water Cooled PC breaks down

    This is our first water-cooled PC and it seems like we did something wrong. I posted this here and was referenced to this forum. CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X (16x 3,5 GHz) Board: Gigabyte Aorus Master X570 GPU: Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme Waterforce WB 11G RAM: 32GB G.Skill Trident Z...
  11. Jacknm2

    Need Advice on Radiators

    Hey guys, Looking to upgrade my loop and system in time for Zen 3 with RTX 3080 / 3090 (undecided) and dual loop - I'm going full enthusiast as much as I can this time round, so saving money isnt a priority but I dont want to overspend where I dont have to. I had my heart set on buying 2x XSPC...
  12. RubberDucky

    Gaming PC Refresh: Something Old. Something New

    Hi All, I've been a bit of a lurker on these forums over the years, trying to learn what I can, but it's been a long time since I ever attempted to build my own gaming PC and I'm a little over my head with no idea where to start. I'm looking to salvage the good bits out of my existing setup...
  13. Larco79

    MSI RTX2070 Tri Frozr watercooling

    Hi All, Been scouring the internet trying to find a water lock for my new MSI RTX2070 Tri Frozr GPU (https://www.msi.com/Graphics-Card/GeForce-RTX-2070-TRI-FROZR.html) I've found is the EK-Vektor trio which is for the MSI Gaming X trio. They both use the same Tri-Frozr cooling fans so it's a...
  14. rebel rebel

    First watercooled system

    Afternoon, I want to build my first watercooled system soon. Total budget will be appox £2000 to £2500. I will use The Tower 900 Super Tower / Showcase as seen with the Infin8 Obelisk system. Could someone please list the water cooler elements I would need to do this. Thanks.
  15. Space Monkey

    Asus Strix Vega 56 & Water Block Query?

    Hi all, Just a quick question, hopefully someone will know? When I enter the model number into the EK Configurator it lists the EK Vega '64' block as compatible with the Strix Vega 56 card, but with block and backplate it comes out at approx £165! Bykski do a block for the Strix Vega 64...
  16. andylad

    Scratch Build and web app for scratch builds.

    Here is my latest scratch build. If you are interested in building a custom PC of your own I have also made a web app for you to do a 3D layout here PC Design Foundry I wanted a medium tower size with good air flow bottom to top. I also wanted to have a distributor plate on the front so...
  17. Space Monkey

    Anyone water cooling an AMD Threadripper CPU?

    Hi guys, Anyone here water cooling an AMD Threadripper CPU, if so what CPU & block are you using together and are you happy with it, getting good results? Thanks :)
  18. adam green

    I want to water cool my pc just want to know what loop I should get?

    My pc parts aren't that great so the water cooling will be overkill but I want to be future Proof... My specs are CPU - FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor GPU - Inno3D Gtx 1060 x3 6GB Motherboard - GA-970A-UD3P Case - Cougar Panzer G Ram - Vengance 4GB ddr3 X2 HyperX 4GB ddr3 X2 Storage -...
  19. WoodWorkLIFE

    I built a PC into a Live Edge Slab Desk

    I built this system into what was already a really nice desk I made out of an 8/4 (2") Walnut Slab. The desk is approximately 5 1/2 feet long, I sit on the left side and the PC sits on the right. The build features a way over the Top Threadripper 1950x and 2 Aorus Waterforce WB edition GTX...
  20. tictaktoe333

    Antec AIO 360mm - anybody got one?

    So I can get an Antec AIO 360mm on a good deal.. Are Antec to be trusted? Don't want any leaks or a pump dying too quick! Cheers
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