Assassins Creed Shadows - AC finally (at last) heads to Japan

30 Dec 2010
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Sure buddy of all the great heroes of feudal Japan they managed to dig out a samurai squire that was kept alive as a novelty and never saw any combat.

As a greek I got my Alexios. Shame on ubisoft.

Not to mention how distasteful it is considering the violence against Asians from blacks in the states.

Remember when you said not to take Eurogamer seriously because of them being "political about Hogwarts". I assume we aren't to take your posts on this game seriously based on that rule?
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21 Nov 2004
Working my way through the AC franchise. Currently on AC Black Flag just now (sequence 4 or 5, I forget).... I am really enjoying this one and is right up there with the Ezio Trilogy. After that trilogy, AC3 and Liberation were a little disappointing but AC4 (Black Flag) seems a really good move.

Will see if the subsequent ones are just as good (Rogue is next?)

Black flag was peak AC. I actually enjoyed AC3, I found it very atmospheric with the switch between seasons.

Rogue is short, but a bit more of the same with an interesting twist.

Unity was great once they patched it, loved the huge crowds and new assassination approach.

Syndicate was fun, similar to unity, but in London along with the historical flashbacks. Unity and Syndicate didn’t take off following the issues with Unity on release. A shame too because they did some things really well.

Origins I loved largely due to the Egyptian setting. Also like the RPG elements.

Odyssey is peak modern AC for me, huge, great world, liked the new game mechanics.

Valhalla, enjoyed it, they nailed the game world, but far far too drawn out.

Needless to say I’ll be playing this one on day 1. For all of Ubisofts faults, they nail game worlds, especially on their new engine.
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