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Asus RMA

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Ad_Augendae, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. pgi947


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    Used Asus rma about 2 months ago, all in all took around 4 weeks from sending a dead 980ti to receiving a new 1070.
  2. Ad_Augendae


    Joined: Mar 24, 2018

    Posts: 231

    Thanks, on average it appears to be about 4 weeks then. P***-poor tbh.
    Hey-Ho 'n' all that...
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  3. faceman123

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    i'll never touch asus again, worst RMA of my life
  4. MasterOC

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    Every ASUS board I’ve ever owned excluding my current one ( so far ) has had to be RMAd at some point , in the region of 6-7 boards . All have taken the 4 week wait , gigabyte was a week from postage and ASRock was 2 weeks roughly , the only reason I buy ASUS boards still is they always meet my hardware requirements from IO to features . I don’t touch there GPUs as since direct CU days they are often someone of the worst around there price brackets and have hurrendous support.
  5. Ad_Augendae


    Joined: Mar 24, 2018

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    I've been thinking of buying a 1070 Ti MSI Gaming or an EVGA FTW 2, I'm not a big fan of the Gigabyte cards for some reason they just look cheap! I may be way off here though.
  6. Drangueos


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    I never had a Asus card or board that failed under warranty, I had 2 that failed with warranty already expired. (1 MB and 1 GPU)
    once I RMA a MSI GPU, took around 28days to get a replacement from MSI, the RMA was through OcUK, I cannot complain as it was expected to take 28 days, but would be nicer if it was less than 2 weeks.

    While asus warranty is one of the worst, I think they are the most reliable brand I ever had.
    I had more than 30 Asus MBs and so far only one died on me, had probably 10+ GPUs and 1 was faulty but I bought it used and came faulty.
  7. MissChief


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    I RMA'd a KFA2 780 6GB card a few years ago, UK RMA base, direct email contact with the tech who was testing the card, a bit of too and fro with him as he couldn't replicate the fault but when I helped him along he identified the fault and initially offered a 970 as a replacement. I said this wasn't acceptable due to the semi classic nature of the vehicle (Sorry!), or should I say the 'premium' nature of the card and he offered a 980 instead which is still going great guns in my son's machine. He's playing SkyRim on it right now actually.

    Wow it was nearly three years ago! https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/t...ubstitute-for-6gb-780.18692918/#post-28582736
  8. Ad_Augendae


    Joined: Mar 24, 2018

    Posts: 231

    Well I was hoping for a quick/better turn around, The retailer informed me that they had tested and sent the card on to Asus on 3rd of July.
    #still waiting to hear
    What do you :define as acceptable ?
  9. Silent_Scone


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    I think mine got processed within a week or two, last time I sent 1080Ti Strix back to OCUK. Depends how much you can't live without it, I guess
  10. JackCarver


    Joined: Jul 19, 2004

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    Had email from OCUK 30 min ago, "new card will be sent out asap" 5 min ago dispatced next day FOC.

    Gutted its friday so wont be till Monday but still great service from OCUK RMA arrived at OC on 27th June & sent to Asus same day. So looks like was with Asus around 3 weeks.
  11. Ad_Augendae


    Joined: Mar 24, 2018

    Posts: 231

    Good News.. :)
    Thanks for sharing Jack, I'll keep you posted when I get more info.
  12. Ad_Augendae


    Joined: Mar 24, 2018

    Posts: 231

    Just got the card back before the madness begins. The card was replaced by the retailer because it was faulty (I assume that to mean none repairable), so that took just over 3 weeks from the point the retailer recieved the card, that doesn't include Asus fixing the card and sending it back. I guess that would add at least another week if that were to be the case.
    Painfull experience noted!
  13. Nelly


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  14. revollucion


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    Guys when we are talking about ASUS 28 days for repair does it means its 28 WORKING DAYS or generaly 28 says ? Thanks
  15. pastymuncher

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    Probably working days.
  16. mulpsmebeauty


    Joined: Apr 25, 2007

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    I'd take 28 days to mean 4 weeks, not 28 working days.