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*** Battlefield 1 ***

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by TonyTurbo78, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Tombstone


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    Of course, and quite right !

    Obviously that goes both ways too, by all means post that you dont like the game, but dont attack those who do ;)
  2. nemtizz


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    You can. Spend your war bonds, etc
  3. Jeps


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    To everybody calling this crap and saying the gun play sucks and there is no teamwork, this is a beta test and isn't going to be a very good representation of the game overall. People are still trying to figure out how the hell things work and test things out so its pretty obvious the nobody is going to play as a team. That doesn't mean that teamwork is pointless. In fact this one seems to rely more on teamwork then some of the more recent battlefield games as you can't just lone wolf it and rack up a huge score by killing half the enemy team because kills don't count towards the ticket pool. Snipers are powerful but if half of your team is sniping you will lose as you wont have any flag control whatsoever.

    We had a 5 man squad up last night, all on voice comms and it was a blast. Attacking objectics as a squad is a must if you want to win and having a good squad comp is hugely important. If you all go assaults you will have a bad time.

    The gun play is different but thats ok, its just going to take some getting used to. Same thing happened when BF4 dropped, everything felt off but after some practice it became second nature again.

    People are writing this one off based on a single day of beta when we only have access to a tiny amount of the weapons and gadgets? Really??
  4. HazardO


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    Well that's a start. Didn't like having to join a game to do that.
  5. weyland yutani

    Wise Guy

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    what's up with the resolution scale slider in this? Doesnt make sense, how do you know you're at native?
  6. nemtizz


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  7. Bantu

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    The gunplay will change within series (i still remember the uproar from CS 1.6 to CS Source!). As long as it remains fun, people will re-learn.
  8. weyland yutani

    Wise Guy

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    Cool thanks. 100% should be native with anything above or below being downsampling/upscaling (just like in Battlefront) in this it's completely backwards lol
  9. Witor


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    Quick one, running a gtx 980, can't do fullscreen as screen goes black with flickering, but can play 1440p windowed without flickering. Drivers are pretty up to date. Anyone else suffering from this?
  10. JOSH


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    LOL that's epic.

    I was level locked out of all the weapons in game bar the first ones as my kit rank wasn't high enough to unlock them.

    Just went onto that and bought everything with the acumulation of War Bonds I have. Just went into game and I now have every weapon, grenade, gadget and mace in the game - without having to gain the kit rank to unlock them.

  11. ColdAsIce


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    42% is native res.
  12. Rroff

    Man of Honour

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    It isn't just about re-learning though - some styles become refined towards because they work and are seamless (that isn't to say unchallenging) to play with - others are awkward and/or break the gameflow or counter intuitive even when you understand them and just aren't fun.
  13. Tombstone


    Joined: Aug 17, 2007

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    Unlocked the Antitank rocket on my assault now, makes mincemeat out of tanks :D
  14. benjii


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  15. passey89


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    anyone else failing to connect to ea online?
  16. Sunburn


    Joined: Nov 5, 2007

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    Id like to team up with some fellow minded BF players. Hook me up .. player name = Sunburn-UK .

    I did find the team playing aspect to be a little weak last night, which is surprising as the i would have thought the players playing the beta would have played BF series before, none the less, i'm hoping to join some of you guys tonight!

  17. madmaca

    Wise Guy

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    Played a couple of hours last night.

    Agree with a lot of the comments on here, it feels like a re-skinned Battlefront at the moment.

    Snipers and tanks = way too overpowered. Lots of things broken, but it's a beta after all. I'll wait to see if they act on the feedback they're getting before deciding whether to buy it or not. I didn't buy Battlefront, so unless they do make some changes, I doubt I'll buy this either...
  18. Tombstone


    Joined: Aug 17, 2007

    Posts: 17,235

    The tanks are extremely easy to deal with once you have a few Assaulters with the antitank rocket unlocked. Blew up 2 tanks in the last round with my assaulter in 2 shots. Ended the round with 12 vehicle kills
  19. Gerard


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    Do i look like a bloody snipers perch? Apparently i do :o

  20. C64


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    the gunplay feels like bioshock infinite all flat and weapons have no character at all