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Comfortable Jeans?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pulsedriver, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. NVP


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  2. Bluecube

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    Because most people aren’t junkies that live on dead end housing schemes that need to be nuked from orbit. I suppose you think wearing jogging bottoms tucked into rolled down white socks is acceptable too?
  3. postbox


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    Quality can vary quite a bit with Levis, I have had certain pairs that would've probably outlived me had I not got bored and given to charity.
  4. mid_gen


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    I wouldn't step outside wearing joggers, don't want anyone to think I'm about to mug them.

    Jeans for work, jeans for going out, jeans for climbing...they work for everything. Although I'm usually wearing black skinny jeans because I'm an ageing hipster.

    Esprit jeans are pretty decent, they do odd sizes like 29/34 that fit my ridiculous gangly limbs.
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  5. Pyr0m@nI@]{


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    I dunno how some of you guys can wear skin tight jeans.
  6. Rotty


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    True Religion are very comfortable, just avoid some of the more garish ones
  7. StuBob


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    Diesel jeans are my go to as all others have mixed results regards fit and all others seem to last around 3-6 months at most before splitting right up the arse. I have quite big thighs so have always struggled to get good fitting trousers and Diesel are the only ones that don't seem to tug or stress when bending or moving around. I have also found Racing Green chinos from Debenhams to be great too in this regards after trying pretty much every other brand. I usually go for cheap GAP chinos for cutting about but they also last maybe 3-6 months before the split!
  8. ianh


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    I'm a big leg/calf guy so the old "relaxed fit" jeans were great for me and this new craze of "skinny fit" is a nightmare for me. Like #Chri5# above I'm having to buy far larger waisted jeans (46in) when I'm a 40in waist just to get jeans that fit my thighs/calves without splitting if I sit.

    Why have "boyfriend" jeans for ladies (women wearing mens jeans) and "skinny" jeans for men (men wearing womens jeans) become a such thing in the past few years?

    Oh and don't get me started on big/tall shops selling "stretch" Jeans for fat folks like me - These are just Leggings/Jeans or "Jeggings" and not jeans at all so they shouldn't be seen on people my size :D
  9. No1newts


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    I've never gone wrong with Levi so I stick with them. I'm not a large gent by any measure but I still get the ones with the slightly stretchable waist which are then much more comfortable for sitting round in. Not jeans but picked up a pair of Dockers at the Levi outlet and they are pretty smart and comfortable as well.
  10. Pyr0m@nI@]{


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    I think Levi's 514 are as skinny as I'm prepared to go :p
    Tried some 502 tapered jeans and they just stuck to my calves and rode up every time I bent my knees
  11. Rroff

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    It is something I've never got - I wear regular/straight leg but stretch ones so they do somewhat have a fitted appearance rather than just hang loosely but they are nothing like skin tight or even close which personally I think it looks ridiculous.
  12. PapaLazaru


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    Wrangler Larston in three different shades are all I have at the moment. The quality and fit are perfect.
  13. Pyr0m@nI@]{


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    Exactly. There's no way I'm going to walk around wearing jeans that look like they belong on a woman. Since when did styles get reversed? I'm not buying into it lol
  14. JunglistE


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    I find with jeans I tend to stick with Levis. I rarely buy them full price as I rather just pop to Swindon outlet and get them at a fraction of the cost. Levis make nice elasticated ones too which are for skating but very comfortable.

    I too also hate how all the jeans now are basically skinny jeans. I will never own a pair, they look ridiculous on a man. Not sure which Levis I have on at the moment. I think it was an athletic taper or something. Edit: It's the 514

    I used to buy cheap £10-20 jeans but I find I have pretty chunky thighs for my size and they always end up ripping near the groin area. Since spending a bit more on a decent pair I don't have to buy new ones every few months

    If it was more socially acceptable I'd wear joggers a lot more out of the house but as it happens I only wear them out if I'm going to my friends house or if it's a Sunday and I don't care what people think. My comfort > Others opinions
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  15. Pyr0m@nI@]{


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    I tend to stick with Levi 514's too which are a straight fit.
    I'm only a 30 waist, but I guess I've got a fat ass and thighs lol

    The label in pair I have on now says 1% elastic and they're really comfy with way less restriction when running up stairs or riding a bike etc. due to the slight strech.

    [edit] I'll wear joggers to slob around the house, but you wouldn't catch me outside in a pair :p
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  16. LiE


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  17. Housey

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    I've struggled with jeans for years but now I find both Mac and Brax jeans work well as they are 'somewhat' flexible in their material. Not big money in jeans terms, circa £80-£120 a pop based on range and Amazon sells them, though I buy from my local quality gents outfitters. They wash well but if you buy Mac jeans in dark blue they will leak into furniture so be wary on sofa's etc.


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  18. Belly

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    Good ones I bought in American PX in Germany - Levi 550 comfort fit with narrow bottoms.
    Phat *__________* (illegitimate child) amazingly comfortable with good fit at waist.