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Disney +

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by peahead, Feb 25, 2020.



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    The problem with D+ is that I have about 90% of the content that I’d want to watch anyway, did enjoy Black Hole a couple of nights back.
  2. M1k3H

    Wise Guy

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    I've definitely seen better quality during streaming, so could this be due to the reduction in bitrate?
  3. 5punk3monk3y


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    Could be, unfortunately it launched with a reduced bitrate so we haven't seen it uncapped as yet.
  4. pete910


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    Damn, not watched that in a loooooong while. In fact when I was a child so a looooooooooooong time :eek:

    Will be looking for that at weekend :D
  5. varkanoid


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    They are remaking Black Hole. Its been in development for ages though.
  6. Wizzfizz


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    For some reason the App on the tv (Samsung) won’t load and says its temporary unavailable. Anyone experienced this and have a fix? It was working fine last week.
  7. gailjon


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    The app is working fine on my Samsung Q90R. No idea what it could be.
    Have you tired the old 'delete app and reload' trick?
  8. TheCybermonkey


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    Got same issue. Error states it's a problem with older samsungTVs and they are working on it.