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Ed China leaving Wheeler dealers :(

Discussion in 'Motors' started by MissChief, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. mjt


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    Crikey. What a tosspot :(
  2. Werewolf


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    Edd was the main reason I used to watch Wheeler Dealers, Mike's bits always seemed a fairly boring as I was more interested in the actual work on the car (regardless of if it was common car, or something like the car/boat).
    I hope he gets his own show or something as it was fun watching him work on the cars.

    Wasn't it the case the production company got bought out and the new owners wanted something more "american" styled? (less engineering, more talking about how it's a unique, uge challange).
  3. sigma

    Perma Banned

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    Mike being a tool shocker!

    I'm surprised he didn't mention his contacts in the industry.
  4. Dale V


    Joined: May 14, 2004

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    Just watched the supra episode (thanks to someone uploading on facebook)

    its not very good really;

    -Ant is trying too hard to be like edd, hes actually straining himself in doing so
    -The problems with the car wern't fixed in detail, they were just brushed over. And welding a cast iron manifold? thats not the way to do things!
    -I never minded mike before, but after that video above regarding edd, mikes gone south in my books
    -Mike looks like an aging walrust
  5. MonkeyMan


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    Stopped watching it when they moved to America, lost its appeal.

    I hope Edd starts a more detailed restoration car show (or even more than just cars) as it always felt rushed in the small segments he had, especially in the later series.

    Can't remember what it was called but there was a kit car show where a guy took the whole series to build (think it was on discovery shed, he did a plane as well). I'd take that sort of program over the annoying fake drama in US shows or the emotional element in Car SOS (and that annoying host, god he's worse than Mike!).
  6. silverblack

    Wise Guy

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    That was Mark Evans a vet in real life.He did an MG, a bike ,plane even a Helicopter.
  7. silverblack

    Wise Guy

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    If he used the normal wire in a mig plant then the manifold will just crack again.
    It needs special wire and small tack welds joined together to reduce heat.Too much heat and it will just crack.
  8. Dr Who


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    The "Is Born" Series, also did a 4x4, a chopper, 3 bikes and a race car!

    Used to love it, he had a great cheesey sense of humour!
  9. Gaygle


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    None of us knows the situation in enough detail to be be able to comment categorically - but do I believe Edd became full of himself as he was a "tv star"? No. Do I believe that Mike wanted to take the show in a direction that would net him the most profit at the expense of what the show is all about? Absolutely.

    Finally - do I believe that Edd became sick of MB and him bossing him around like he was his underling? YES.
  10. Dr Who


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    haha Nobody knows what really went on, I doubt MB's wife would tweet and leave a tweet live that could lead to a lawsuit, which clearly hasn't happened so I highly doubt there is no truth involved in what MB has said.
  11. adam cool dude


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    You could tell that in that video. I can imagine MB "going in with his size tens" demanding EC to take that engine out of the corvette like he was his boss when in reality it was a 50-50 partnership.
  12. majestyk


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    Anyone seen 'Misfit Garage'?
    Not sure if it's been aired here yet.
    It's basically a F&L spinoff with some crew that were fired by RR and set up their own shop.
    Nearly too much malarkey for my liking, but they do produce some nice builds.

    Edit: And of course 'Bitchin Rides', which does the best I've seen. No money ever mentioned though.
  13. horseunderwater

    Wise Guy

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    there is also fantomworks which is not bad
  14. Glanza


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    Almost comical how that show started out, mechanics and the sales guy appear on Fast n Loud for a few seasons, get 'fired' then due to their popularity (?) on the show they get setup in RR's old garage before they moved to the newer garage site, then get a TV show from it where RR is a producer.

    I tried to watch it but I couldn't get past 2 episodes it was the same as Fast n Loud but without Aaron or the other 'monkeys' who make the show.
  15. Flibster


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    Edd's back!

    Pilot episode of Edd China's Garage Revival is on youtube as of today.

  16. Hades


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    Looks great. Subbed. Thanks.
  17. Jez


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    thanks for this
  18. EVH


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    Looks like a better Wheeler dealers :)
  19. Firestar_3x


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    Nice, subbed.
  20. hyperseven


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    Nice, me and my dad love watching WD on Quest. Will give it a viewing when I visit for Sunday dinner.