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Ed China leaving Wheeler dealers :(

Discussion in 'Motors' started by MissChief, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Lopéz

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    The biggest thing I took from the episode was

    1) I have been dreading replacing the headlining on the Manta
    2) I am still dreading it :p

    When my mate rebuilt his Golf Mk1 and converted it to 16V spec, it had a cream headlining. He wanted a black one, so he dust coated it with satin black paint (just normal aerosol)
    It still looks great and that was done nearly 20 years ago.
  2. IAmATeaf


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    Read ages ago that the buy it prices were fixed lower beforehand with the seller to make things look more appealing, no idea if it’s true but supposedly one of the sellers spilled the beans.
  3. Conscript


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    Yeah....WD made sense from a "Here's how cheaply you can fix up an old car in your own time" kind of way, which is why I think the format is better without all the Mike Brewer stuff. I don't really care about their profit, just the tinkering.
  4. Steampunk


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    The buying and selling stuff was just to give Mike something to do so he could get his mug on the screen. Everyone just wanted to see Ed fix the cars, and I imagine that irked Mike no end. When the US owners wanted to take away all the actual mechanical activity, it's no wonder the show fell apart.
  5. ~>Dg<~


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    well its easy to tell you why. everything media wise is positivity now. look how ed is on camera then look at his new replacement ant.;)

    the show was always mike happy as dog**** at everything.ed oh look what i got to do now thats loads of work insert sad face :(

    it was part of the show but as above the format they had was happy and sad face mechanic.most of the time.they wanted to have the whole show like a happy jack russel with a toy.which is basically what top gear has done aswell.everyones happy smiling constantly regardless of whats happening :D .

    i prefer ed not watched the youtube show yet.hope he does well.also as pointed out by others most watch for the tinkering.from edd not watching mike make literally no profit on anything :p
  6. EVH


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    I lol'd when Ed helped him put the engine in the car then legged it and said he would have to get his mates to plumb it in :D
  7. IAmATeaf


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    Thanks for the heads up, watched this last night and have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it. Brewer was and will not be missed.
  8. Flibster


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  9. Uncle_Gravy


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    Just started watching the new series of WD, the escort and supra, Ant is no Ed but must say he’s certainly not bad, definitely a decent replacement, I like him.
  10. MonkeyMan


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    I only saw one (Alfa Spider) but thought it was good, Ant seemed to go into a bit more detail than Ed did especially when doing things like rebuilding the LSD.

    Not a dig at Ed think he's great as well but he's got his own projects now so can enjoy both shows.
  11. jpaul


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    Mike's new slave .....

    tv add shows a ford capri ?
  12. jellybeard999


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    Haven't seen Ed's Garage Revival, so I'll give that a go :)

    I liked Ant in For The Love of Cars https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_the_Love_of_Cars

    Phillip Glennister focused on the car's history etc and admitted he knew nothing, just loved cars. He was much less annoying than Mike!
  13. Ninco!


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    The Aston Martin DBS restored on one episode of For the Love of Cars, just gorgeous - Now if only I won the Euro - :cool:

    I like Wheeler Dealers, Mike and Ed, my main gripe is Freeview only shows the same bloody episodes! The comical costs are a bit of a joke though, man hours and resale - :eek:

    Definitely will follow Ed on his new adventures and sad to see him leave WD.

    I like Ant as well, just sad WD has had to change...
  14. Gerard


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    Ed said one of the reasons he was leaving was they wanted to "dumb down" his part of the show as it was too difficult to film? After seeing a couple of the new episodes there doesn't seem to be much of a difference in the mechanical side of the show in terms of detail etc. :confused:
  15. Firestar_3x


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    Hes too much of a gentleman to tell the truth which is Mike is egotistical ****** and is probably next to impossible to work with because he's now "famous" due to moving the show to the US.
  16. jpaul


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    is there anything more than the pilot episode ? I can't find it ... I can't see the other series 'built by many' he's reputed to be doing either.

    is anyone showing/repeating the 2018 series ... completely passed my by too.
  17. Housey

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    I quite enjoy watching them which is odd as I want to stab that Wheeler bloke usually 12 times a show.
  18. CaptainRAVE

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    I refuse to watch the new series. It isn’t as good as it used to be anyway.
  19. Dr Who


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    Be honest guys, the Wheeler Dealer side was always a joke, we watched it for the repairs :D

    IMHO Ant is at least as good as Ed China, probably better and some of the new episodes have been great (Mike Brewer Aside).
  20. Resident

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    I'm really disappointed in the citizens of the US. I mean they have guns yet haven't shot that **** Brewer yet.

    I met him once at an event, think it was the opening of his dealership in Sheffield. Genuinely felt like I'd been mugged by a gang of Hagfish.