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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Glaucus, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Kemik


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    It looks like it takes a day for a standard sized living room to be 50% cleaner. I'd only really be buying this for hayfever season. You would normally have some windows open. It sounds like by the time it has cleared 50% of the pollen, more of it would have come through the window so I would need to get at least the XL model - £350+! Anti-histamines are cheaper :p
  2. x-st


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  3. Freeman


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    Pretty much but it makes a nice desk toy.
  4. Roberto_A


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    That indicates a "set-up" time. Basically the first cylce is always longer, maintainance cycles are way shorter. Can't fight with anti-histamines though :p
  5. Marmot

    Wise Guy

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    Thanks for input Roberto. Do you have any info on the smallest sizes of particles which can be filtered? In microns?
  6. Roberto_A


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    Sure: the pre-filter is a G4 non-woven fabric pre-filter that blocks pollen, dust, dander and particulate matter as small as 0.5 µm. More specifically, it block 70% of PM2.5 in a single cycle and 99% of PM10 in a single cycle
  7. russell664


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  8. Flibster


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    Just got notification that my email is one of 5'176'463 that was hacked from Kickstarter in Feb 2014.
    They got Email addresses, usernames and salted SHA1 hashes

  9. Avenged7Fold


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    Why bother hacking kickstarter for details to sell on, sounds like extra steps for a fruitless scam.

    They should have just set up an unrealistically useful concept with a low price, follow it up by a mid term deadline and a trendy few minute video with the sort of pseudo science you use to get on shampoo adverts and people will literately be lining up to give you their money.
  10. Glaucus

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  11. Haze

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