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News on Wife (reason for being away for a day)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Calranthe, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Ginger-Menace

    Wise Guy

    Joined: May 9, 2010

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    Location: sheffield

    great news! I haven't posted on here before but have been following, never knew what to post. But so glad you have some good news!
  2. ~Divine~Wind~


    Joined: Jun 14, 2004

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    Location: Newcastle U/T

    Ah great update calranthe

    Hope the surgery isn't too uncomfortable a recovery
  3. Vidar


    Joined: Dec 18, 2008

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    Location: Liverpool

    Excellent news mate
  4. Dis86


    Joined: Dec 23, 2011

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    Location: Northern England

    That's great news. About time you had some.
  5. AmyS


    Joined: Jul 18, 2013

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    Location: Manchester

    Pleased to read this update :)
  6. Kreeeee

    Man of Honour

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    At least it engages the brain in a meaningful way, unlike TV.
  7. Calranthe

    Man of Honour

    Joined: Oct 5, 2007

    Posts: 532

    Happy and sharing the burrito takeout.
  8. ~Divine~Wind~


    Joined: Jun 14, 2004

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    Location: Newcastle U/T

    Hehe awesome, keep them away from the hotsaucetho :eek:
  9. aardvark


    Joined: Jan 2, 2005

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    Location: leeds

    phew - good news!
  10. Maundie

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Oct 20, 2010

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    Fantastic news mate, I no it's not an all clear but as near as you can get, have a good evening and hopefully it's all upwards from here for you, god knows you deserve it.
  11. Calranthe

    Man of Honour

    Joined: Oct 5, 2007

    Posts: 532

    what do you think I am crazy, I had the mild version but I don't think it was wise, my stomach is complaining, okay so Burrito even mild version is not something I can eat anymore, we live and learn.

    Going to have an early night was up all last night worried about this meeting.

    Note to self nope nope nope Burrito nope damn this hurts.
  12. el_dazza


    Joined: Sep 20, 2005

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    Location: West End, Southampton

    Fantastic news :)
  13. dowie


    Joined: Jan 29, 2008

    Posts: 39,718

    Give it a few weeks then try again :)
  14. GW1970


    Joined: Nov 16, 2012

    Posts: 397

    Excellent news
  15. haaammit


    Joined: Aug 22, 2010

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    Location: On the Wagon-East Angular

    That is good news - thank you for keeping us updated :)
  16. Housey

    Man of Honour

    Joined: Feb 21, 2006

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    Some positive news finally. Good stuff, keep fighting.
  17. neviditelny


    Joined: Oct 15, 2015

    Posts: 952

    Really pleased to hear that for you Calranthe. At least some positive things now :)
  18. dirtychinchilla


    Joined: May 2, 2011

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    Location: Woking, Surrey

    Sounds relatively positive. Hope you feel better soon.
  19. Calranthe

    Man of Honour

    Joined: Oct 5, 2007

    Posts: 532

    I think that I really needed this, it was like a wall in front of me moving on in any positive way, I mean how do you focus on life after loss if death and cancer is hanging over you, for the first time today I actually feel a little better.

    I still cry a lot and miss her terribly but I feel like I can actually take a step.

    Going out at the moment is a no no, the risk of falling or slipping that could rupture the bowel surgery or the 29cm stomach wound is not something I want to mess with, lets face it less than 4 weeks ago I was on an operating table for 6 hours with my intestines being played with, I am very lucky with the results.

    But I can exercise in the house using virtual reality.

    Natural Locomotion allows you to in most VR games (open worlds) walk/jog/run on the spot and have it translate to movement in game.

    Couple that with SkyrimVR and FalloutVR and your exercising without even knowing you are doing it.

    Now having a 15ft by 15ft room for VR has possibilities.

    This does not mean I am closing myself off, I love to walk, you have to remember that when Paola was alive we often took 10 mile+ adventures with her in a wheelchair and me pushing her, basically anywhere it was possible to reach on foot and chair in stoke on trent we got there.

    But my healing is going too well to chance doing any harm by going out on unstable slippy ground.

    Also while I never got into Beat Saber I do like Fruit Ninja VR and AudioShield.

    All of that will give a good cardio work out and the FalloutVR/SkyrimVR will strengthen my legs.

    I am down to 114kg from 134kg and I do plan on keeping the weight off.

    On another note the surgery and time in hospital has given a serious hit on my stamina, I just played 30 mins of Arizona Sunshine and I am completely shattered, feel like I have run a marathon. Got to remember to take it easy.

    Once again the offer is there if anyone in the area wants to come over for a VR party, I will provide food and conversation, or just to chill and watch bad 90's B movies the offer is there, just trust message me the only condition is (not if you have flu/cold).
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  20. ethan


    Joined: Sep 16, 2005

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    Location: What used to be a UK

    Hang in there mate.