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OcUK to stop selling Shuttles

Discussion in 'GH Archive' started by PanchoVilla, 18 Mar 2004.



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    He actually said :-


    <Note to self, read the thread next time>
  2. Will Gill


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    ooff thats bad news my sn61 just blew up :(

    i lvoe shuttles, shame to hear :/
  3. Jackal


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    this is a good move, shuttle turn around times are stupid

    there a pain to work on

    all they do is look good
  4. VIRII


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    Gibbo - Would it not be better to continue to stock Shuttle but sell them under the condition that the customer understands and agrees that any RMA on Shuttle products is likely to take 8 weeks to resolve ?
    I am a big fan of shuttles and built one recently for my brother, I was intending to build one for myself as funds allow.
    From my own point of view if I am going to build one I am likely to buy all the components for it from one place rather than some from here, some from there as I like the convienience.
    I imagine many other people would be likely to do the same resulting in sales lost not just of Shuttles but HDDs, CPUs, RAM etc etc.
    I do appreciate your reasons for sticking it to shuttle in this way but just feel the lost business as a knockon might be more than anticipated.
    Incidentally if there is something shuttle sexy with 2 optical drive bays I want one.
  5. Carl


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    Agree, allow the customers to know thier taking the risk, i love my shuttle, and im sure other people will too.

    Shuttles are ONLY going to get more popular imo, as far as i know most ppl i talk to are considering a shuttle.

  6. englishpremier


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    my RMA was taking well over a month. I think its a brave step by OCUK but i also believe that shuttle do have the best SFF systems. unfortunatly OCUK didn't stock all of the range or the huge number of acessories such as clear cases etc..
  7. Joe T


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    I take it that the Aopen ones aint as good then? I thought they had a pretty good reputation. Is it just that they dont look so good?
  8. doopydug


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    It's a good move by OcUk to improve their own customer service. Kudos to them for that.

    I agree that Shuttle make the best SFF systems - just bought one recently though and did my usual sifting through the net and there are a couple of major dealers who do a bit more than OcUk who were £20 - £30 cheaper for my one.

    Are OcUK gonna stop selling Vapochills as well as, according to Asetek it takes 4 - 6 weeks to return a faulty one - hardly fits into the 3 day turnaround. Would be a shame if that was the case
  9. mcmad


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    understand peeps still wanting them, but OCUK have a lot to catch up on in customer service, by targetting a 3 day turn around it shows they are serious & fair play to them for that.

    If shuttles take so long to rma it wont do them any favours, sales support is the only weakness they have & Its gonna take a lot to turn around the reputation. If they can do it as good as others they will be unbeatable as price & range is excellent.

    who knows maybe someday we can even say the H word again :o
  10. kibblerok


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    brave move and imo ocuk need to back this up with an announcement on their pages as to why they are doing so

    perhaps a press release or something to computer mags so people know. if people understand why then im sure customers will agree and buy alternatives that offer support.

    theres a danger that people may casually drop past the site and see ocuk not stock the product and go elsewhere thinking they just dont stock shuttles without knowing why

    the ideal outcome would be for shuttle to pull their finger out and offer decent service so overclockers can stock their products again. to do so overclockers would have to make a bit of noise.
  11. Ev0


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    Jury is still out here as to whether this is a good move.

    Yes it will improve OCuK customer support stats and I applaud a company that puts customers before profits.

    But I do feel a chunk of business (ok it may only be small) will be lost due to this.

    I have just purchased a canterwood shuttle (its sitting at home for me but can't get at it for a week) and have to say I was forced to get it elsewhere due to a price difference in excess of £60!

    Still, hats off to your for being able to be so selective, OCuK must be doing a roaring trade!! :) :) :)
  12. fred_easey


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    I had a look at the Aopen SFF specs on their website and they look ok. Unfortunately they don't have an AMD one that takes 400Mhz, so I won't be buying one.
  13. androo


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    Heres my current machine:

  14. James_N


    Joined: 25 Jan 2003

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    shuttle really suck. i emailed them about a screeching shuttle and never got a reply. good ridance to them :)

    /edit - nice machine androo ;)
    Last edited: 18 Mar 2004
  15. VIRII


    Joined: 24 Jul 2003

    Posts: 30,259

    Androo that is gorgeous looking and 2 optical drivebays, stuff the shuttle I want one of those !
    Or is it one optical ? well looks like room for 2 with a little modding on the mill at work.
  16. Werewolf


    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

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    it's specs say 1 each of cd, hdd and floppy
  17. androo


    Joined: 8 Mar 2003

    Posts: 652

    Yep, its one 5.25 and one 3.5 Bay.
  18. dbmzk1


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    Re: shuttles

    OcUK is a company like any other. As much as you would like to think otherwise, they are in it for the money and nothing else, especially not to please YOU. Thats what companys are for, thats what they do.

    OcUK, or any other company, will not sell a product which has such poor customer support from the manufacter while trying to improve thier own support. It refects very badly on the seller and I do not see why any company should stock a product just because YOU want them too.

    It says out of stock on the website for most shuttle stuff and IMO thats enough. Might as well just remove everything at once when all stock is gone. You can't place an order if its out of stock anyway.

    Anyway the main point of this post is to say stop being so self centered. Think what OcUK are doing here. They are totally changing at the moment to give the customer a much needed improvment in support. Shuttle simply cast the opposite image on OcUK and thats an image they despratly want to shake off. In the long run, the customer will be happier in the end, and so will OcUK becuase thier sales will rise once again. Hats off to you OcUK!
  19. Rich


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Hope this means OCUK will be stocking the Aopen XC-Cube as pictured above ;)

    Would like one in Cherry red :)

    Was in the market for a shuttle, but im not going to get one if their Returns policies are so bad.

    Aopen have a few other models that look pretty cool too.
  20. [Slip]


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    Kinsy - Yeh probably the one you know -KMA- :)

    Out of interest, how many people *just* buy the shuttle?

    Don't alot of people buy a huttle AND a gfx card AND a CPU etc etc

    I dunno about anyone else, but I just prefer one shop at one site and get all the items from the same source (laziness :p )

    Might be interesting how it would affect sales of other system items