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People you admired but now you don't

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SexyGreyFox, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. physichull


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    Admired is the wrong word, more like I used to like them but now don't:

    Rolf Harris, as others said, remembered him fondly from Animal Hospital.

    Robert de Niro, oh my, he barely makes any good films anymore, mostly going in for trashy parts in horrendous films such as Bad Grandpa. Sheesh.

    Jim Davidson, used to love watching him as a kid when my Saturday night staples were Big Break and The Generation Game. Knowing what I know about him now....just no.
  2. shadow_boxer


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    Oscar Pistorius
  3. whiskycycle

    Wise Guy

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    Ah heck, never knew that... Gonna have to retire the signed photo of him I got back in the 80s on a book signing tour he did.
  4. Pawnless Endgame


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    Fixed :p
  5. The_Abyss


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    How on earth has the past month changed your previous opinion of him?!
  6. EdGey


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    David Cameron
  7. String


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    Some of the reasons given could do with a bit of fleshing out.

  8. ivrytwr3


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  9. String


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    I'm not sure about articles like that, whilst there are no doubt facts contained within, it also has to be considered that the article has a clear agenda. Only the naive would think that Mandela was born a saint. I also think that guilt by association is lazy smear tactics. For example, was Thatcher's association with Pinochet proof that she was of similar character?

  10. Rossi~


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  11. Maccy


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    Phh you don't know me mate, never even known the meaning of the word :D
  12. Jono8


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    You take that back :mad:

    How could you fall out of love with Justin?

    He brought sexy back, he cried us a river and he got us lovestoned . Don't you forget that.
  13. ivrytwr3


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    That was just the first article i clicked on - there are MANY news reports, articles etc that go into more detail.
  14. Terminal_Boy


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    Most of the people proclaimed as heroes throughout the ages have been deeply flawed, troubled individuals.
  15. String


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    Yes, fair comment.
  16. Squark


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    Everyone is flawed is some extent; nobody is perfect.
    It comes down to a matter of whether you judge their good to outweigh their bad.
  17. MookJong


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    Michael Moore - really can't stomach the man now.
  18. Ayahuasca


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    This, genius and madness seem to go hand in hand.
  19. thegreysquirrel


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    I admire anyone with a passion and drive to do what they want or what they must. I don't care what it is (within reason). Quitting a job they hate to go travelling around the world is admirable to me, but then so is sticking in a job they hate so they can provide for their family. Nobodies perfect though, so to admire the person rather than the act is a dangerous game.

    My wife still won't listen to my Rolf Harris jokes.
  20. Roland Butter

    Perma Banned

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    Jezza Clarkson, up to the point he punched a guy because he didn't get the correct food order, the BBC was right to ditch him, and shame on
    ITV for employing him.

    Would that violence had the same TV career ruining cachet as boob cupping and jailbait lechery .