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Radeon VII

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by DragonQ, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Davedree


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    No the v7 pcb is quite different to vega, there are a line of inductors nearest the i/o plate, extra mosfets for the memory.
    And the die has 4 stacks of hbm around it.
  2. Tom B


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  3. Scougar


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    I just see this card as them having to get something out to show they can be competitive. It is an Instinct MI50 by any other name, just not headless. I am still surprised by the price tag tbh.
  4. bru


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    Well if the rumour that it cost $750 to produce is anywhere near right then the $699 price kinda makes some sense.
  5. Nevk


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    Radeon VII is 28% on average faster than the Vega 64.

    I just want to know which edition they compare Vega 64 with VII, air or Liquid Edition?

    If the 29% is compared with Vega 64 LC, it is very good result.
  6. loftie


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    Probably bog standard Vega 64. I'm sure if it was LC they'd state it TBH.
  7. Martini1991


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    A bog standard Vega 64 (Reference air, out of the box) will throttle all over the place.
  8. 4K8KW10


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    This result would put it equal to GTX 1080Ti and still some 10ish% behind RTX 2080.

  9. Illuminist

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    Maybe they kept a little suprise for us at launch when they release 2 versions of this card and this is just the lowest tier of radeon 7
  10. Kaapstad

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    I don't think we have seen the whole Radeon VII picture yet.

    I do think there will be an AIO version and I also think overclocking on 7nm will be both interesting and useful.
  11. aoaaron

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    My switch will earn its money with:

    Mario Odyssey
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    Fire Emblem
    Super Smash Bros

    Those are kind of enough for me in itself as all those games are kind of best-in-class games which other companies just can't offer a comparable experience for.
  12. Journey


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    We had an absolute blast with 4 player Mario Party over the festive period, not since the Gamecube have I had as much fun with a Nintendo.
  13. sungazer


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    Yessssss I really want lots of these they will be so utterly amazingly fantstic for deep learning :O

    I am building a threadripper with 4 x VII's soon as I can o.o
  14. Vince

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    You in as well? Don't even know why I want one but I am going to buy one. Dunno if I will bite at launch yet but I am fairly sure ill pick one up in the next few months.
  15. TNA


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    Loved BOW and Mario Odyssey. Xenoblade did no do anything for me. Super Smash Bros I have yet to get.

    Want to see a new Mario Kart and another Zelda which are built directly for the switch!

    At the rate games are coming I would day I will get my moneys worth by the end of the Switch product life cycle. Back in the GameCube and Wii days there just seemed like a lot more 1st party nintendo games coming out.
  16. aoaaron

    Wise Guy

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    I loved XC2!

    Wasn't too fond of it to begin with but the story and the soundtrack really really grabbed me. I just loved the villains. Sadly it was very very.. flawed. Like it was rough. I feel it could have done with another year in development to optimise its graphics in portable mode and just fix a lot of general QOL issues.

    Yeah a new Zelda would be AMAZING. Similarly another MK could be exciting although in all honesty I'm very happy with MK8 and double items. I'd pay just for a DLC with 14 new tracks + 8 new drivers or something + maybe the option for a third item and item switching if its less effort for them so they can concentrate on other games. I'm surprised they're not pushing MK8 DLC tbh so they probably are developing something.

    Yes, you're so right. I like the portability of the switch although I'm struggling to convince myself to buy the third party ones.
  17. Gerard


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    Surprisingly, this irritating little twonk seemed positive about it.
  18. Pleiades


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    :) Apt description LOL
  19. LePhuronn


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    4 minute video, 90 seconds advertising a phone protector. Standard Linus.
  20. shankly1985


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    AMD Shares More Radeon VII Details, Performance Projections
    Updated (1/11/2019, 6 PM EST): An AMD spokesperson has informed us that the widely reported GPU configuration for the Radeon VII is incorrect. The Radeon VII does not have 128 ROPs. Like Vega 64, Radeon VII is a 64 ROP card. The reports of a 128 ROP design were made by multiple well-regarded sites with reporters on-site at CES. It’s not clear why this information was reported incorrectly or how the error was introduced.

    ExtremeTech regrets the error. All discussion and speculation of a 128 ROP design in the story below should be considered incorrect. Our story on the correct 64 ROP configuration can be read here.