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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guest2, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. mrbell1984


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    The Adult Way
  2. String


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  3. mjt


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  4. Minstadave


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    I see what you did there.
  5. Moley


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    Sounds like the painters are in to me.
  6. wingman


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    Not sure if this is a troll thread, but I'll play.

    How do you go and buy dinner for two (presumably) and make it last two nights? Did you buy a/one dinner, or dinners?

    Similarly, do you hate your missus? Can't imagine times are that tight if you're shopping at M&S for your dinner - just let her have it for her lunch you monster. It's not even a conversation piece. And to be fuming over it of it all things.

    Now now, don't be mean to Guest2.
  7. JonnyT

    Wise Guy

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    So you pay all the bills and for most of the leisure activities, and she only 'contributes' towards food? Playing devil's advocate, what else does she contribute towards in the relationship? Is she in education or some other circumstances preventing
    her from getting a better paid job, in order to be able to contribute more equally?

    I'm not saying it is worth ending your relationship over, but do be mindful of these circumstances should the relationship get more serious... a claim against the house, based on time living there etc.

    In this circumstance, it does sound a little petty to quibble over £16, but is it indicative of a bigger issue? You dared to quibble over it and got called selfish; I bet if you then pointed out how much more you contribute to your mutual circumstances financially she'd somehow turn it around on you too...
  8. moon man


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    It took me ages to get that :)
  9. wingman


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    Definitely a troll thread.
  10. Jean-F

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    See, this is where we differ, and I’m not saying that I’m right while you’re wrong.
    If I see something that I want, and it’s £20, AND I’ve got £20 in my pocket, I’ll buy it, end of story.
    I cba, neither do I wish to spend the time, in looking for something almost as good for £17.50.
  11. chanjy


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    OP has disappeared...
  12. Uther


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    Hopefully £100, on his credit card.
  13. Electroshadow

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    I wouldn't call it selfish as such. nothing to worry about.

    more worrying is you had a dinner for 2 and have leftovers eat up. let alone making it go 2 nights!
  14. Haze


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    Don't understand op shopping at M&S if he is so hard up he has to make one meal for 2 last two nights, and goes shopping at one of the most expensive food retailers in the UK.....
  15. Maundie


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    :D Normally I'm not one to comment but the Force was too strong with that one :D
  16. ivrytwr3


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    I'd have said it was for tomorrow nights meal - what's the plan if you take it for lunch. Definitely not worth arguing about.
  17. thenewoc


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    No it doesn't sound selfish. Maybe she's a bit too comfortable being the recipient of an unequal financial arrangement, seems a bit of self entitlement creeping into things on her part. Maybe it wasn't made clear to her that you'd expect her to pick something up for dinner if she used the leftovers and that would most likely be more expensive than her buying a sandwich for lunch. Seems like either a bit of a misunderstanding that you were just trying to economise and keep within some sort of household budget or first warning signs of a gold digger.
  18. VincentHanna


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    The trouble with threads like this, is you only get one (biased) side of the story.
  19. Hades


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    It depends whether the OP wants to be right or wants to get laid. He can't have both :)
  20. mrbell1984


    Joined: Aug 9, 2008

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    Can we invite your misses onto the forum to give us her side of the story please?