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AMD Navi 23 ‘NVIDIA Killer’ GPU Rumored to Support Hardware Ray Tracing, Coming Next Year

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Gregster, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. b00merang69


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  2. Grim5


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    He's still trying to prove that AMD supposedly has better image quality. I don't expect to hear from him for a while
  3. Troezar


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    It shouldn't be hard to prove or disprove. Surprised none of the Techtubers have done it. Two identical systems side by side different GPU in each. Do a random "which looks best to you?" test. One for Linus I think...
  4. Dirk Diggler


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    We've heard this Nvidia killer line for a while now. I applaud the inroads AMD have made with CPUs, but they only way they're going to be killing Nvidia GPUs is if they start manufacturing PSUs.
  5. Spyhop


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    Makes me think of TVs on display in high street shops. Colour vibrancy artificially cranked up to maximum = fools the brain into thinking it's better.
  6. Phixsator


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    Tech Yes city has done it, if that is a youtuber you have faith in. I personally do not.
  7. greatash


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    its down to nvidia having limited RGB setting out of the box default instead of full rgb for some reason. my last card was a gtx 980 which I upgraded from a 7950 and noticed the colors was washed out... then I checked the settings and RGB was on limited by default.

    I bet alot of non technical people have it on limited and dont even notice
  8. Jacky60


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    Lol, probably true!
  9. Troezar


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    In this instance better is subjective, some people like or want colour accuracy, others want vibrancy. Then there is individual perception of colour, which varies. I prefer the way AMD handles it for games, YMMV.
  10. 0h_no_not_again


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    My main annoyance with Tensor cores is that there was an increase in transistor count for RTX gen cards with knock-on die size increase, which comes at greater than linear cost increase. NVidia passed that cost increase on to the consumer, but for 99% of users, that cost increase rendered no performance benefit. NVidia are essentially experimenting at the cost of the consumer, which is a bit poor IMHO.

    For proof look at the transistor counts of 1080ti vs. RTX 2080 and the relative performance.

    Give me more CODA cores or a cheaper card, not a "feature" that does not render me a benefit.

    In terms of technology, the theoretical performance of tensor cores is astonishing!
  11. loftie


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    Love it, but if it fails to work probably then there may be some memes....

  12. Freddie1980


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    Argh those TV displays with the same demo showing a slow moving hot air balloon move across the screen or playing a cartoon. The acid test for a TV should be live fast pace sports like football.
  13. Poneros


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    Big Navi HBM2e? Oh my, this decade is starting off in a great way!
  14. LePhuronn


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    I think it was fairly obvious that a 80CU Navi monster would need HBM just to keep the total board power at acceptable levels; GDDR6 is a bit hungry. 24GB is surprising though (unless this 5950XT is aimed at the RTX Titan).

    Although I do still have a twitch in my waters that this 80CU beast is still RDNA 1, albeit a fixed RDNA 1, and all the refreshes are going to be using the fixed version too. GPU core power comes down allowing the clocks to come up a bit. Or maybe the lower GPU power allows for faster GDDR6 within the same TBP.
  15. Grim5


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    Phil Spencer just released the specs for the Xbox One Series X

  16. melmac


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    Sounds good.
  17. Steedie

    Man of Honour

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    I know the design is marmite but I bloody love that
  18. Zernath


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    It looks like one of those small form factor gaming PCs. I may have to pick one up, if the pricing isn't too insane. My friends will never make the switch to PC gaming in any case. :(
  19. LoadsaMoney


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  20. Rroff

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    Something that surprises me lately is how many of the younger generation are looking to move away from console to PC gaming - especially games like The Witcher 3 for some reason seem to be causing it - suddenly I'm hearing a lot from that generation at work how graphics are better on the PC when in the past they used to play that down and tout the PS4, etc.