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Bioware's Anthem

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by tommybhoy, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. V F


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    It's funny seeing all the Anthem fail recommended videos on Youtube. I haven't had a great deal of time to play but only up to level 7 playing solo on Hard and having so much fun. Though that light machine gun has a heck of a lot of recoil. Sniper weapon is a lot more fun while hovering about. Interceptor is becoming a lot of fun in an Iron Man kind of way.
  2. Gengar


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    Same here - really enjoying it. The bad press is quite humorous and way over done to the crime comitted.
    But could be partly teh way I play / what people or looking for.
    I am not into all the loot side of things - I will play the campaign aspect then move on. Not at all fussed about getting to high levels or finding legendary gear. Much the same way as I play Destiny 2. The levelling up just happens as I play the campaign / challenges that I fancy doing. Otherwsie I can see why Anthem/Destiny/Division 2 etc can all be a boring grind fest.
    Looking forward to some more Anthem tonight :cool:
  3. hyperseven


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    gotta get those views innit.

    Apart from the patch debacle on my laptop I am rather enjoying it too. Wish you could do a fast travel from the map in Fort Tarsis as it would save a lot of walking 'busy work'.
  4. uncle_rufus


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    Maybe... or maybe the people creating videos online largely got the game for free or as a review copy so they don't feel compelled to like it in order to justify the money they spent on it?
  5. Malevolence


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    Same as Colossus, but in a Hulkbuster stylee.
  6. Drollic


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    I'm level 15 and have just done the tombs quest. Thoughts so far (storm):

    • The gunplay and combat is good, more than acceptable.
    • The game looks great and fps/smoothness seems reasonable given the visuals.
    • Just enough enemy variety to keep things interesting, although ideally more required.
    • The load screens really aren't that bad at all. I was quite surprised. They are in no way immersion breaking on an SSD.
    • The loot model so far seems pretty good.

    • Story is a bit lacking so far and fairly simplistic. Missions feel as though they are there for the sake of it sometimes.
    • The optional dialogues with characters in the fort are mind numbing. I quickly started skipping them all for rep.
    • The javelin gameplay and the fort gameplay are polar opposites - it's like two different games bolted together.
    • The lack of a chat feature and inspect feature as well as a proper world hub with lots of other players in makes the game feel single player at times.

    My biggest gripe with the game so far is the lack of a world hub with other players, together with a chat and inspect feature. The difference in gameplay between the fort area and the actual gameplay is pretty jarring. It's like you've got a looting game that plays really well for the most part, that could quite easily be really decent with some tweaks and extra content, combined with a single player hub area that plays as if it's lifted from quite a poor rpg 10+ years ago. They just don't fit together at all. Games like the division work far better, as the missions and dialogue/story for the most part are more seamlessly linked.
  7. Drei


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    Game is starting to **** me off, I now regret looting the Tomb Challenges before 30. I would imagine that there was a higher chance to get something nice out of them at 30. The loot in Difficulty 3 was complete garbage. Cannot justify the time it took to complete. Div 1 at least had guaranteed drops of something decent or just a legendary equivalent drop.

    I have received two Masterwork items at level 26, one from a Mission and another from Hard Stronghold. The moment I went over level 28 the loots started to be really ****. The mats farming isn't even helping when I have no BluePrints worth making:))) WTF Where do you get your Purple, not even gonna ask about Legendary and Masterwok BPs.
    I get some purple items that are worse than my blues... at least if they allowed you to re-roll the attributes on items. I am throwing away high level items cause my older, pre-level 30 ones are still much better.

    I was an advocate, now I am a little disappointed.Don't know what to say.

    Also on higher level 30 Difficulty I can't even find people to play with. Obviously Hard Stronghold are giving me absolutely no drops. Gonna try Diff 1 see how it goes drop wise.

    I stand corrected, got Masterwork drops doing Diff 1 Stronghold. I tried Diff 3 but was 2/3 hit kill from enemies.
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  8. tracertong

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  9. CK61938


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    I bit the bullet and bought the game last night after my 10hr trial ended. Why did no one tell me how awesome it was to play as Interceptor! Those things are crazy agile and fast! I already have a Storm as my main, but now thinking I might just replace it with the Interceptor instead!
  10. B1gbeard

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    After finishing the story what's the most efficient way to get to 30?
  11. Zoroaster


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    Quickplay is ridden with bugs, this is not an exaggeration. It is a mess. If Quickplay worked, it would be the best option. Following that the fastest way is to do contracts in a full group.
  12. Malevolence


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    Today's bug. Fire the game up, go into a mission and can't interact with anything. The 'F' key doesn't get the prompt on the screen and pressing the key next to whatever I need to interact with does nothing. Was working fine yesterday.
  13. AStaley

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    Completed the main story last night, around lvl22. Much shorter than I thought it would be, but I still enjoyed playing through. Not sure how much end content there is, but seems fairly limited, 3 Strongholds and recurring quests? Will probably hold me over until TD2 comes out next week but can't see this surviving in it's current state. Pity as it looks really good at 1440P and the sound is incredible.
  14. Cully


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  15. Adnams Drinker

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    Can't argue with either of those. It's great fun diving headlong off a cliff and flying to your next mission waypoint.

    There's a couple of things though that bug the hell out of me, which no doubt someone has probably already mentioned elsewhere in the thread:
    • Who thought it was a good idea, in a looter shooter, for you to be unable to see (let alone equip) what you've picked up until you return to the Fort at the end of the mission? Say what you like about Diablo 3, weapons/armour can be at least inspected straight away (and equipped, with the exception of greater rifts IIRC)
    • Unless I'm missing something blindingly obvious, the fact that if I create another pilot in order to try one of the different Javelins that become available at level 2, I'm stuck with the choice I made on my first pilot? That's cretinous and Destiny 2 doesn't have the same problem if I want to try another class
    The choice is of course up to the dev team, but I would have thought that these two should be a given for a game of this type.
  16. Drollic


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    @Adnams Drinker

    Re the loot, apparently it was done to stop people inspecting and comparing things mid game. I actually think it's one of the better decisions although they could easily adapt the icons to show if it's a weapon etc. People stood inspecting loot doesn't exactly help progress.
  17. Adnams Drinker

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    Fair point ... not a problem if playing solo but understandably annoying in a group, which is something I haven’t tried yet.

    Still think my other bugbear is a daft decision though ...
  18. Carl_Bennetts

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    Am i missing a quick play option. I mean, i pickup a contract from someone and then walk back to Javelin. Is there a quicker way to jump straight in?
  19. awaybreaktoday


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    legendary gear not required best end game weapons are level 1 white common weapons.....

    Posted by

    4 hours ago

    [PSA] The Level 1 Defender Rifle is the best weapon in the game(also damage numbers are pointless and don't mean anything)

    News <

    Reply >

    So I was just ******* around with various guns and components, trying to quantify their damage amounts, when I stumbled upon something rather strange. It seems that the default weapon you get when creating a new loadout, is better than any other weapon in the game!

    Components used during this test are Airborne Advantage, Convergence Core, Defensive Bulwark and Firearm Calibration Core. All are Ranger components which increase weapon damage. Anyway as for the test itself:

    -With my Level 1 common Defender rifle, one bullet does 286 damage against a normal scar trooper.

    -With my Level 45 masterwork Ralner's Blaze rifle, one bullet does 1184 damage against a normal scar trooper.

    Given these numbers, you might (reasonably) assume that the MW weapon will kill enemies faster, since it does more damage.

    This is NOT the case!

    Going back to the scar troopers, the MW rifle takes 6 bullets to kill our scar friend. Given the damage numbers, our level 1 rifle should take around 5x more bullets to do the job. Guess how many it actually takes?


    That's right. 4 bullets!!! Not 4x as many. Literally 4 rounds. Our level 1 rifle is somehow more effective than our level 45 masterwork, despite what our damage pop-ups are telling us.

    I have tested this with various weapons and enemies, and while the numbers vary, the results are always the same: the level 1 defender rifle is by far the most effective weapon in my inventory. It melts literally ******* everything!

    So, from this we can draw two conclusions:

    1 - There is some buggy fuckery going on with the default level 1 rifle

    2 - Damage numbers are meaningless and do not reflect the actual damage done to a target

    The second one is by far the most concerning; as it implies some rather disturbing things about how the game was balanced.

    Anyway, I'd love it if someone else could run these tests too to confirm that I'm not crazy or something...let me know what your results are!


    Thanks to u/beatpeet42, here is a GIF of the phenomenon in action!

    As you can see, the first weapon (a legendary Ralners Blaze with 225% damage) does slightly less damage in 3 shots than the second weapon (level 1 Defender), despite the damage popup numbers telling a completely different story.

    u/takeshikun also made a GIF showing this, only he used two defenders (one epic, one common) in the GIF.
  20. D3K


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