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Fiona Bruce

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bassmansam, May 11, 2020.

  1. StriderX


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    Most jobs are low skill, in fact i'd say a solid majority of the workforce could be replaced with a machine right now, instantly reduce the cost of production (ergo increase everyone's quality of life) through a massive rise in productivity and incentivise creative industries, invention and business start-ups in a single swoop.

    But no, there's perverse incentives to stop this obviously beneficial act for politicians addicted to pumping up employment.
  2. Kenai


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    She's been on BBC News at Six / News at Ten since the 90s along with various other things like Crimewatch and Question Time
  3. builder22


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    welders on off shore rigs can be highly paid but I’m guessing nowhere near Fiona Bruce’s wage!
  4. DXP55


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    Its not just me then - There is just something about her.

    I was right peed off on sunday when antiques road show was snipped for trumps dog boris.
  5. Guest2


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    Oh, yeh. I know who she is (just Googled) She's the BBC presenter that looks a bit like my mum
  6. jpaul


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    ... yes looks like she's in the 300k+ level

    I thought the discussion, this comment was part of , 'susceptibility to covid infection' was flawed anyway -

    they were saying nhs infection/mortality was only consistant with their proportion of the overall population ...

    but you would expect them/nhs to be more aware/educated in infection control in their day to day lives, versus general population, so less represented in the illness,
    putting PPE, clearly, as the elephant in the room (there maybe more women in the nhs with younger children though)
  7. Angilion

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    No, it's saying that I think different humans are different. Which brings a scene from a Monty Python scene into my head. I'm almost sure it was Life of Brian. Brian tells his band of unwanted followers that they are all individuals and they reply as one, saying (in a way that's disturbing in context) "We are all individuals". Being Monty Python, an individual voice then pipes up saying "I'm not".

    But anyway, back to topic...saying that there are some inherent differences between different individuals is not the same as believing in fate. Different people who put the same amount of time into something will not necessarily all be exactly as good at it as each other. Humans are not identical and interchangeable copies and people who aren't at the top of a field haven't all just failed to put the time in. I find your position highly disturbing and I sure as hell hope you're wrong. Otherwise everyone who isn't a reknowned expert in something is just a lazy bugger who couldn't be bothered to put the time in and thus deserves to be poor.
  8. Nasher


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    Those aren't low skilled jobs.
  9. Malevolence


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    Maybe, but does low skilled also include those cretins from Virgin Media who refuse to install fibre because they're afraid to use a ladder over 6'?
  10. Dis86


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    No. That'll be their unions.
  11. Stretch


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    Skills are rewarded by demand and scarcity. Most people could be a care worker if push came to shove.

    Fiona Bruce has skills 99.9% of care workers don’t. I include reading from an autocue to an adequate standard.

    The first thing the welders I’ve met like to tell you is how much they earn.
  12. Gerard


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    Think that jaw would shatter Mike Tysons fist.
  13. theone8181


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    It seems to me like she's just stating a fact, but thinking about it the lowest skilled workers are probably the most important. My thoughts were if a surgeon quits only a small number of people are affected, if shelves aren't stacked it affects far more people. (cue angry skilled workers:p).
  14. Meridian

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    The issue is one that no-one seems to have mentioned: the difference between low-skilled jobs and low-skilled people. While there is certainly an overlap, the two are not congruent. To point out one obvious example: bar staff are frequently students studying for a degree, but it's a low skill job. What Bruce is saying is that if you do a low skill job then you are a low skill person. And this being Britain, she is also saying that you are a pleb.
  15. Orionaut


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    There has long been an observation that there is typically an inverse relationship between how much those working in any individual role are paid and how much wider society would miss them if they disappeared! :p
  16. UTT


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    Bit disappointed, clicked on hoping for some naughty pics of the milf.

    Underwear or pokies would have been great
  17. dowie


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    It’s a basic description yet people take it as an insult. Yes I’m sure security guards build up great "people skills" and burger flippers work hard and have to remember some stuff from a handbook etc.. etc... fact is it doesn’t take much in the way of skills or qualifications to land those sorts of roles.

    It's like fat people no longer wanting to be called fat... they've got a "dad bod" or are a "real woman" etc...
  18. Zefan


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    I've read this whole thread and all I can think about is this dude:

  19. The_Abyss


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    You and I probably wind each other up and disagree on many things. But I'm with you on this.
  20. builder22


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    haha...I'd seen something similar but this one's much better :D