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GTX 1060 To Be Announced on 7th July ?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Apache14, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. FoxEye


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    Reports that stock of the 4gb has already run in out some places? And AMD not making more.

    So you've got a £230 (ish) replacement for the 380. That's £50 more, and basically that's a 390 in a nutshell.

    Blame Brexit if you like, but that's the reality now the 4gb cards are gone.
  2. razorpakk

    Wise Guy

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    The vRam matters in SLI, the raw power of the card is likely to become an issue before you get to the details that push over 3.5gb.

    Personally the biggest problem with the 480 is that it's just too warm for a mid range card, the 1060 will almost work with a passive cooler for how efficient Nvidia mid range is.
  3. Killer7xx


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    You're only looking at the bad points of the card, DX12 is very much relevant and is an important factor in buying a graphics card in 2016.

    It's undeniable that the 480 is a good card for it's price, especially when it's only rival in term of price/perf are HEAVILY discounted and EOL GTX 970/ R9 390. In most DX12 titles the 480 is on par or better than a GTX 980 in performance, that's been confirmed by the reviews out there. It would be wrong not to take that into account over the 970 when deciding which card to buy. The 970 may well end up like my 780Ti, slipping down the ladder in performance as newer games are released.


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  5. Gibbo


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    Had discussions with several AMD partners in last 24hrs and I have convinced them 4GB has demand and as such more shall be manufactured and should be on shelfs late July.

    So the 179.99 4GB 480 shall return in a months time! :)
  6. Gibbo


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    NVIDIA will not undercut AMD and they also will not price it under 970, the 1060 shall go in the gap the 980 once was with similar performance at around 300 quid because that gives NVIDIA a good lineup as 970 and 960 shall remain for a few more months which fill the 220GBP and 150GBP gaps.
  7. Griffildur

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    Gibbo for PM I say, what would people do without you? Btw, the PM job is available if you want it ...
  8. Apache14


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    That "Much Faster" graph over the Rx 480 puts is a bit of a joke. It shows 1.15 under performance, is that 1.15 x the speed of the 480 ? (axis need units .... whoever did that never did GCSE maths :|

    But assuming the above 1.15 x RX 480 performance would put it just below the 980 in most benchmarks. But for $100 more ? should be sitting at $230 (taking the base $200 for the R9 480) or worst case $260 :|

    So looks like it could be a bit faster for a bit more money :|
  9. Gibbo


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    So my role as PM:

    - We are all human, so skin colour, race, religion does not matter, we are all same inside, so just get along.
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    But the real running of a country, I'd have no clue, I just find it saddening why as the human race we struggle to get along when in reality we are all the same and are supposed to be an intelligent species.......
  10. ljt


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    If that is true then Nvidia are releasing this 10 series cards at a price point 1 tier above the 9 series :(

    The 970gtx on release was about £270, now the 1060gtx is more than likely going to be £270 (even if we put the £/$ at 1.4 it still works out at £250+)

    The 960gtx was only $200 on release, so they are adding $100 for its replacement.

    It's pushing me further and further away from PC gaming now :(
  11. Feoilban


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    Did you not read or looked at any of the reviews ?


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    I wonder if this a salvaged GP104 based card - the GTX660TI was priced in the same area IIRC and was based on the GK104.
  13. Seanspeed


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    There were some rumors of that being the case a while back.

    So maybe.
  14. fs123

    Wise Guy

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    If the 1060 is around £300 then what I feared has started to happen. Nvidia is essentially moving all their cards pricing up 1 tier. Where the 970 used to be around £270 we are going to get a 1060 occupying that slot eventually after prices settle.

    All those fanboys saying the 480 is only 390/970 level should realise that AMD has at least tried to keep the price around the old 380x/380 level but Brexit has obviously messed that up in the UK. The 1060 however is nowhere near the 960 level pricing if it launches at £300+.
  15. RavenXXX2


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    £300 for 1060? **** that, rather save up for the 1070. Performance under £300 has been stagnant for too long, thought a new node might correct that but no.
  16. DPB


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    Posts: 79

    £300 would be horrible, count me out if it's that price. 35% higher price for only 15% more performance would not be good value.

    Now I'm holding out hope that there will some cheap custom 480s, because I really don't want that reference cooler.
  17. Orangey


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    Ah already posted, nm
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  18. D.P.


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    Interesting. Given the performance and power consumption of the 970, 980 and 480 they certainly deserve to stay in the line up, just a small price cut is all that is needed. In time nvidia can then cut 1060 price and introduce a 1050.
  19. Diagro


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    Your entire complaint here is based on prices. Prices which are higher than they should be due to the poor £ performance due to Brexit.

    Sigh :rolleyes:
  20. SiDeards73


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    Gotta say is the Ref 1060 is £300 and only 15% quicker than a Ref 480, and the custom 480's are £240-260 in price and are going to then be around 1060 perf out of the box, with OC's they will surpass that i would imagine, and the Custom 1060's will prob then be around £340... you could potentially be looking at upto an £80 diff in cards for very little performance on the custom 1060...

    As it stands if the ref 1060 is 15% faster than the ref 480, thats not very good for approx £60-80 more, especially given the ref 480 has a horrendous cooler and is massively power gimped, both sides will have failed to deliver, AMD on the bad reference design and again Nvidia on pushing prices up again....