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Lily Allen: "History is racist"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FoxEye, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. IronWarrior


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    She is a drug taking loser and needs to go away.
  2. kitkat9933


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    Location: Manchester

    How dare they use whiteboards!!!! They should be using LGBT approved rainbow boards.
  3. CREATIVE!11


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  4. Tuppy_Glossop


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    I started writing a similar post this morning, history can't distinguish between people (no senses!) and doesn't consciously decide how to behave. How can it be racist? It's a fairly abstract concept at best.
  5. doodah


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    Still waiting for her apology about the cover up of how many people died in the tower block fire....
  6. TallPaul1878

    Wise Guy

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    Is this the only way for Silly Lilly to stay relevant?

    Honestly I'm surprised she hadn't pulled a Peaches yet and off'd herself. In any case it's going to be a gold mine when she does, with sycophants shedding crocodile tears on Twitter claiming that she had some great influence on their lives and her music was truly inspiring.

    Do the world a favour Lilly!!
  7. MikeTheNative


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    This is what people don't understand, it's the same as Katie Hopkins. They only stay relevant because people like the OP are sharing the story and talking about her.
  8. TallPaul1878

    Wise Guy

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    Too true. Like I said before, Silly Lily doesn't come into my thought process at any time. Her songs are crap and are never played on the radio so the only way she can get herself into the spotlight is by saying or doing something stupid and outrageous.

    Identify politics is the flavour of the month so frothing on about "something something racist something" usually will curry favour with one side of the spectrum.

    I tell a lie though. Lily Allen does feature in my life from time to time. Usually when we are discussing which celebrities will snuff it next. At the moment Bruce Forsythe is proving unexpectedly resilient.
  9. peterwalkley


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  10. TallPaul1878

    Wise Guy

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  11. KillBoY_UK


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    Taking a page out of the Russel Brand book, primary job gone down the pan and must switch to a be a hypocritical SJW.
  12. stopper

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    OP ended a sentence with "yo", and called someone else a "mong" :rolleyes:
  13. billysielu


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    whiny singers gonna whine
  14. FoxEye


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    Big Lily Allen fan, yo? :D
  15. shadow_boxer


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    Pretty silly thing to say. Not sure how history in itself can not be "racist" though it may be reported in a bias fashion dependent upon the observer.
  16. ttaskmaster


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    Yet is still in a better position to criticise than Lily Allen...
  17. trigg_27


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    The thing is that since Allen's pop career appears to be over, she now needs to spout ever more ridiculous comments in order to stay in the public eye
  18. ttaskmaster


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  19. Tunney


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    I don’t think the average GD poster has the right to call someone else “whiny”. :p
  20. Boycey0211


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    Is it just me or does the word racist not appear anywhere in that article or complaint?

    Think there's a difference between racism and colonialism but let's not stop a good moan about someone moaning.