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***There are jobs here***

Discussion in 'Careers, Employment and Professional Development' started by Mr Jones, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Mr Jones


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    With threads and threads of people being made redundent or finding it hard to find jobs, I thought a thread like this may come in useful...

    We all know the usual job hunting websites;
    (Will update as thread continues)

    http://www.fish4.co.uk/ - General
    http://www.indeed.co.uk/ - General
    http://www.monster.co.uk/ - General
    http://www.totaljobs.com/ - General
    http://www.cv-library.co.uk/ - General
    https://www.gov.uk/jobsearch Government's Official Site
    http://www.milkround.com/ - Graduates / Students
    http://targetjobs.co.uk/ - Graduate / Students
    http://www.technojobs.co.uk/ - IT Industry
    http://www.cwjobs.co.uk/ - IT Industry
    http://www.theitjobboard.co.uk/ - IT Industry
    http://www.grapevinejobs.com - Broadcasting / Post-Production Jobs
    http://jobs.foodmanufacture.co.uk/ - Food Manufacturing

    http://www.nats.co.uk/careers/atc/ - Air Traffic Controllers (apparently always recruiting)

    Twitter Advertisers:
    https://twitter.com/TescoCareers - Tesco Career

    This thread is for people who know of / come across job advertised (internally / externally) by companies they work for / in contact with (NO RECRUITMENT AGENTS!); to help spread the word out so people can get wind of jobs they don't know exist, normally find or before it comes up on the usual websites.

    Please ensure you include;

    • Advertised Position
    • Company Name
    • Job Location
    • Job Criteria/Requirement
    • How To Apply
    • Closing Date

    A weblink will certainly come in useful but not essential.

    Anyone who have a specific query about the company or job MUST quote the original post, and the reply should quote the question to help others with similar query to the same job.


    This thread is not magical; the jobs you're applying to will still require a decent opening letter and CV, so make sure you have those made to a professional standard and make sure it fits the job you're applying!

    Useful CV writing site:

    Thank you to those who contribute and good luck to those applying!

    Edit: Just to further clarify!
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  2. antijoke


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    Kids and grown ups love it so, the happy world of job hunting.
  3. shoes


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    Funny you mention that, I'm bidding for the refurbishment works at the Haribo Factory at the moment.
  4. King Damager


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    Milkround and TargetJobs

    Particularly good for students.

    Any of the recruitment sites.

  5. Morba


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    Loads of threads like this one, just needs a search ;)
  6. TrixiBuG

    Wise Guy

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    TravelJigsaw/ Rentalcars.com

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  7. Frozennova

    Man of Honour

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    You may want to add Total jobs and jobsite to the list. I've had a success through total jobs.
  8. sports_brah


    Joined: Jan 4, 2013

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    I'm a soon to be graduate, looking for something to get the ball rolling for myself. (Business degree with accounting).

    I'll give it a shot, thanks.
  9. celliott


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    Another good site not mentioned is www.cwjobs.co.uk

    You create a profile and they email you jobs relavent to you every day, you can also upload your CV for potential employers.
  10. Devrij


    Joined: Jul 23, 2009

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    Location: Bath


    (same site, different front end)

    Particularly good if you live in Manchester, Liverpool, Huddersfield, Chester/Cheshire, Newcastle, West London/Surrey/Reading, Midlands or South Wales ( www.jobswales.co.uk ), because that's where all our print publications are and they will have digital ads as well.

    Our print ads come with digital as standard so if you see any rubbish little ads on the site they've probably paid horrendous amounts to fit that in a print ad and it's just mirrored online.

    The site has a horrible search engine btw, but we're supposed to be moving onto a new back-end that integrates it with PlanetRecruit, Secs in the city, Hot recruit, Jobsearch, The Graduate, Careers Financial.com and a few others.
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  11. Windle


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  12. Devrij


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    Hate to advertise a competitor, but there's also Reed, which is another big one.
  13. Muzy

    Wise Guy

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    Tip from a Job hunter expert like me:

    1) Make sure before you submit your CV, your name is English/Christian/Jews/European and doesn't end/start with Abdul, Jamal or Mohammed.

    2) 90% of jobs in the UK are looking for blond, white / light skin and Blue eye people make sure you have these features or at least one of them.

    I experienced this for 2.5 years while hunting for an IT job, I made two copies of same CV but different names. Used my real M.E name and on the other David Kohin, applied for over 500 companies on all the sites listed above. guess how many did come back to me for an interview

    out of the 500 companies:
    1) My real name 5 companies
    2) using David Kohin 230 companies

    haha - Good luck :)
  14. diamount


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    So out of those companies, how many listed themselves as an equal opportunities employer?
  15. RoboCod


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  16. wonder_lander


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    My bug bear when looking through CV's is when people take the job spec and list one of our requirements as a "Key Skill" when it's either very out of date or their experience is that they saw it on the screen of the person they sit next to!

    Sure talk yourself up but don't waste our time trying to BS us!
  17. qqg3


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  18. neodude


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  19. Judgeneo


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    Excellent thread idea :)

    My issue is that I have a 2.2 undergraduate degree, which immediately rules me out for all the best firms.
    For instance, my Masters degree that I'm currently studying for aligns me perfectly for the job Kreeeee posted, but I know that the 'big 4' will reject me in the first round of sifting.

    I hid my undergrad degree for a company I applied to last year, and only mentioned my result when I was asked explicitly in the final round interview. I got a phone call from them this week saying they don't normally accept people with a 2.2 degree, but would like to interview me with a few business teams to see who I would be best suited to once I've completed my masters. Basically saying, your a good enough candidate normally, but we're not quite sure if your good enough to make us bend the rules. I had a very similar experience last year (though far more annoying), where I had signed a contract for an investment bank, which was then withdrawn when I got my degree result.

  20. SPG


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    Wouldnt worry about it. Once you have a few years of actual working under your belt the degree thing gets less and less. All it is does open doors at the start.

    Get a job (if you can) keep your head down for 2-3 years, suck the place dry of knowledge volunteer for stuff you have never done before no matter how mundane it seems. Dont work to many hours, (there is at least another 45 years of work ahead of you) unless of course you enjoy it. Then bang out the CV to the agencies (if your technical that is, most engineering ones are pretty steady as they know there not dealing with chumps, or folk with a degree in History .. troll loll loll loll, this way to the job center)

    I had a meeting with another engineer at JLR today in Solihull and as we was wandering around to get where we needed to get, one thing sprung to mind. There is no more young engineers. Everyone was in there late 30`s no wonder manufacturing is leaving this country there will be no one left to design it.

    Shame engineers are so undervalued in this country.