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***Han Solo movie***

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by the shadow, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. JediFragger


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  2. Raymond Lin

    Capo Crimine

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    If you are an accredited member of critics, which a lot of them are these days.
  3. VincentHanna


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    Their ongoing parody of Youtube shills is why I tend to favour print media.

    Though ironically I do watch Redlettermedia for their own reviews. Usually after I've seen a movie though.
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  4. CaneyJ


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    TLJ is still sat at 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. Solo is currently rated at 73% amongst the Critics.

    So its WORSE than TLJ and that's from the critics being paid by Disney to say nice things about it!

    Can't wait to see the audience score! Think I'll give this one a pass as well.
  5. VincentHanna


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    I get so bored of reading this

    People just throw it around as if it's a defacto truth.

    Has any magazine or reviewer ever been found to be colluding with a movie studio to artificially inflate scores for money?

    How come Warner's can't catch a break on the DCU movies if it's so easy to buy good reviews?
  6. Ancientpencil


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    If Ron Howard is the Director, doesn't that automatically mean it's going to be a good film?
  7. VincentHanna


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    Davinci code trilogy?
    Far and Away?
    In the heart of the sea?
  8. v0n


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    Oh, oh, also list his sci fi portfolio... ;)
  9. MM-Seat


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    I'm of the opinion that low expectation generally means surprsingly good film and vice versa.

    Maybe there is a paradox in that thinking however.
  10. VincentHanna


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    Sometimes that does work, but not always.
  11. pitkin


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    I hope that the review scores are "Solo" that it teaches them a lesson for the travesty that was TLJ.
  12. nands


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  13. aardvark


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    star wars is creatively bankrupt - all they know to do is repeat the same old characters, its so boring.
    I loved the originals but i'm done with sw if this is all they can come up with.
  14. Gerard


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  15. IvanDobskey


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    Disney buying star wars was the worst thing that could possibly have happened to the franchise :(

    They have utterly raped and pillaged it :(

    It is dead unfortunately :(
  16. Grandmaster Fap!


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    WTF is Kennedy doing, she's all about the 'gurls' and 'diversity' in the new films but then is happy to make **** poor films with old characters. Is she deliberately trying to hammer nails in StarWars?
  17. Meddling-Monk


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    Nah, I get a distinct feeling everyone is trying to leave their "mark" on the film world. But because they all lack the capability to handle something so big, all they're doing is ending up undermining themselves with their "lack of vision" and blaming everyone else but themselves.

    Again, the Mass Effect 3 ending with Casey Hudson "solo'ing" deal. You have a vision to bring it all together, but then decide to make executive decisions that undermine it all. Then have the audacity to claim it's not you, it's everyone else that's the problem.

    Meh, getting heated up again. Nevermind. But yeah, word of mouth is, I can safely grab it from the bluray/dvd bargain bin assuming I don't have better things to grab in the future.
  18. VincentHanna


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    As the film isn't even out yet, word of mouth means nothing at this stage.
  19. tracertong


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    Comedy gold as always from Hanna , he doesn't believe anything until the BBC tell him it's true. Go back to sleep......
  20. VincentHanna


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    No then?