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Netflix: Drive to Survive

Discussion in 'Motorsport' started by Stumble Bum, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Armageus


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    + The passing of Niki Lauda will be a huge event from this season
  2. an0nym0us

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    Very true. An immensely strong guy, to be able to survive what he did.
  3. CaptainRAVE

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  4. Invertigo

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    According to that link, it's only the German GP that Mercedes are being filmed at. Typically, that's the one that nothing went right on the Sunday :p
  5. snips86x


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    I watched this a while back and totally loved it, not really an F1 fan, but my interests were peaked.
    What I did notice though was that Grosjean was always a crutch to the team, bad moves, constant complaining, lack of team play...everytime I saw him I wondered why they kept him around. He's seemed like such a whiney mare.
  6. Spunkey


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    He is. No one knows how he's managed to hold on to a seat for the last few years.
  7. drunkenmaster


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    So many people still bang on about him being fast when he's not screwing up, completely missing that he doesn't stop screwing up. Steiner made a HUGE mistake not canning him last year. He's basically embarrassing Grosjean within the team, he's talking down about him in front of everyone in that lunch meeting then he gives him another year. Grosjean managed to hit Magnussen again and then complain it was Magnussen's fault. He was alongside pretty much the last 1/3rd of that straight, there were cars right with them, does he expect him to disappear? He stays outside, Mag inside and they are fine, instead he cuts a tight line.

    Steiner can't make that kind of stand about one of his own drivers then continue on with him. You're going to have some guys who love Grosjean who feel crappy about how he's being treated and then the majority of guys frustrated that Grosjean trashes all their hard work every other weekend, the boss knows but the boss kept him around anyway. Steiner really likes that tough plain talking reputation he has yet he was soft in the easiest decision he's had since being at Haas imo.

    If he survives another year at any team I'll be fairly surprised, if Steiner gives him yet another season at Haas... he'll lose even more respect.

    I do wonder if Haas are thinking about a decent wage offer for Rossi who at the moment has no drive for next year. Would be huge in terms of popular US driver going to F1 for Haas getting more F1 coverage at home and if he is actually any good it could work out.
  8. EVH


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    The German GP highlighted how rubbish Grosjean is at racing wheel to wheel.

    I think he’ll be replaced at the end of the year if he crashes again.
  9. MissChief


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    Hamilton has refused to allow Netflix to use any of the footage of him at the German GP weekend, apparently due to his Illness. Not because they both had a **** weekend I'm sure.
  10. ci_newman


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    They might have got footage of him throwing up / hurling in a bucket. I wouldn't want that footage on Netflix either
  11. an0nym0us

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    It was pretty funny to see the 2 Haas drivers collide again despite taking each other out in the previous race and having just had the hairdryer treatment from the boss.