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Warning for all motherboard owners

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by PhoenixSP, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. MasterOC

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    Sellers always shout from the rooftops about what they've got, never see them do that when they haven't got
  2. D1craig

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    I have always given ASUS a wide berth just because of such issues. And when ocuk said they had special rma thing I sort of put that at the back of my mind. Well now it’s back at the front.
  3. Thekwango


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    that had better hope that they have or at least can demonstrate that they made reasonable effort to notify customers. failure to do so could potentially open them up to issues down the line, especially if they run in to an obstreperous customer.
  4. mushtafa

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    The worse thing about this whole thing is the lack of input from OCUK staff.

    I thought someone would have chimed in by now
  5. RobTi


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    Yes even just to set the record straight
  6. vapor matt

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    Gigabyte x390 boards have the best VRM's and I am using one now, runs sweet and is rock solid at 5ghz. Asus have dropped the ball with not only poor and difficult RMA's but also the quality control is no where near as good as it was years ago. I had always been an ASUS fan because I had never had any issues with there boards.
    but building my last system with an asus X390 rog extreme not a cheap board, it was DOA just the power button light and bios LED flashed on and off. afters hours spent with the board in and out of the case, different PSU along with different ram. the only thing left was the board itself. So I purchased a gigabyte X390 Aorus extreme
    and it booted first time and overclocks real easy.

    So I RMA the board back to etailer, and it was tested and found faulty, so got a refund the same day. I am pleased the Asus didn't fail in 3 months or it might well have been ASUS RMA via etailer. So until Asus improve there RMA service and quality control I will no longer be buying any boards or anything else from them.
    A top of the range board should never be DOA. not at that price! Asus should not rest on there laurels of years past as other manufactures have caught up and exceeded them in many ways including RMA.
  7. orbitalwalsh


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    Z370 series, weren't great. Z390 is a different ball game and sent boards to those that were critical of the series before, all to have the opposite reaction. Buildzoid being one of them. Aorus boards pretty much the best along with being not as expensive say to Asus .
  8. SLIPdiggers


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    I have never had an asus product fail, and have built four PC's over 15 years based solely on asus parts wherever possible, even down to the DVD drive. It surprises me the warranty is bad, although I've never had to use it to be fair!
  9. woppy101


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    Pray you never do have to use it because you will change your opinion on Asus rather sharpish if you do.
  10. SLIPdiggers


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    Perhaps so.
    I had to RMA some Kingston Predator RAM recently, and that warranty procedure essentially timed out; so OC sent me some fresh from stock.