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Your first post on these forums

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by [FnG]magnolia, May 5, 2020.

  1. HangTime

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    After the most recent nuke in 2002 it took me about a week to re-register because it kept rejecting my email address, I think it was some sort of restriction to stop people using throwaway email addresses (i.e. those not tied to an ISP or company etc) but my primary email address domain wasn't allowed for that reason. In the end I was able to register using a secondary email provided by my ISP I think. Probably seems a crazy restriction now as most people use portable email accounts like gmail/hotmail/whatever these days, I was just an early adopter.

    Don't know what the first post I made was but I do remember posting a lot in Sports Arena in the early days (before Football was moved to a subforum). I think in a *really* old version of the forums where it had a different colour scheme I posted to enquire about a Celeron II processor, in the end I didn't buy it and ended up with a P3-650E @ 866 purchased from here in summer 2000.

    The earliest post that is still accessible is this from the SA Archive in 2002:

  2. Malt_Vinegar


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    Spouting some nonsense about NOS with no knowledge on the subject whatsoever. Not much has changed :D

    I doubt that was my first post, I suspect these has been a lot of stuff deleted.

    I was a pre-nuker originally, not that it means anything :D
  3. VeNT


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  4. Buffman


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  5. Meridian

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    Real men used conductive paint (and a low-power microscope at work).
  6. Gerard


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  7. Ninco!

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    Your favourite movies of the 80s and 90s

    I posted tentatively in a popular movie thread back in 2014.

    With no backlash, my confidence grew and I decided to impart my chosen wisdom, 1 time per week.
  8. arknor


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    I'm not talking about the full nuke.

    I'm talking about al the really old threads that got pruned to clean up the forums database.
    I was like 70,000 posts or more at one point
  9. robgmun


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    This was back in 2006, but i'm sure i was in these forums way before then.
  10. SexyGreyFox

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  11. Greebo


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    Yep thats what brought me to ocuk. I was a noob back then so i bought one of the "pre overclocked" ones from ocuk which had already being doctored :)
  12. Jonny2284

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  13. Curio


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    My first post - March 2004

    LOL Q-Tec!
  14. Supercow


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    Interesting find for two reasons;
    * It doesn't find my very first. Assuming that it's because I changed my nickname from "Mr Ripley" (or something to that effect) within a year of creating the account
    * The oldest one I can find, was clearly not posted by me at the time. @krooton was my housemate at the time, and a budding DJ... I knew nothing of trance back then, still to this day don't know a fair few of those songs ...so he must be the one who posted from my computer (i also never used the term, t00t)

  15. [FnG]magnolia


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  16. Supercow


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    Indeed, I'm now adding a fair few on that list to my "Serotonin" playlist on Spotify :p

    Wise Guy

    Joined: May 3, 2012

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    Posted 05/05/2012

    Hi guys,

    I've been playing around with overclocking my graphics cards over the last few weeks.

    I've been using Sapphire's triXX program. Reason being, after extensive research seems my particular make of graphics cards have locked votlage controls, even after you put the special phrase into the MSI afterburner config and disable ULPS. MSI afterburner, although it would let me put the clocks up to 1200mhz wouldn't let me change the voltage at all.

    I'm also pretty sure mine are laser cut and won't unlock to 6970's, and tbh I'm not interested in trying this anyway for the time being.

    Now TriXX will let me up the voltage, but only to 1.18v.

    I can get it to bench 3dmark11 at 900/1360 I believe. Any faster and it will lock up.

    Now in games on stock volts BF3/MS Flight were crashing all the time at 900/1350, after upping the volts to 1.18v with +20% power it run MS Flight last night for an hour no problems, but after playing Shift 2 Unleashed for about 10-15 minutes I got a BSOD.

    I have dropped the clocks down a touch this morning to 890/1350 and will do more testing over the weekend.

    So firstly, I am assuming my crashes are due to the lack of voltage at those clock speeds? - I'm 100% stable at stock clock speeds/also was stable at 860/1325 stock volts after many hours of BF3. I cant push the memory clock really any higher then 1350 or I get the off centre split screen thingy some people have reported.

    Secondly, (and I appreciate it varies per card really) to save me possibly weeks of trail and error tweaking, anyone got some good stable clock speeds with 6950's on TriXX? Like would I be better off dropping the memory clock right off and upping core/or visa versa rather then trying to slowly adjust both?

    Also temps wise, absolute max I have ever seen on all tested speeds/voltages was 73c.

    Didn't get a single reply :(
  18. GreatAuk

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    "I don't get any stray yellow pixels. My 8800gtx crashes when it gets to about 85 degrees, but after i bought a new cooler it idles at around 55 (the original cooler was much hotter, even with fan on 100%)"
    Hah, oh yeah back in the day that 8800GTX was da bomb. Forgot about it overheating though, that was a pain.

    Second post was about me doing GCSE maths :p. Ah, takes me back :cool:
  19. krooton


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    Haha, yep that was definitely me, t00t was a silly term from another clubbing forum I was on at the time :D

    My first stuff clearly got purged, 2005 is as far back as I can see

    Last edited: Jun 25, 2020
  20. Charlie Bravo


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    I was also pre nuke.

    I came to OcUK after their arch enemy The Overclocking Store (OCS) went bust and so we all lost the OCS forums. OcUK welcomed OCS members should we wish to move across to a new home which all seemed very strange and alien at the time.

    I wonder how many of us OCS lot are still here?